New York, NY - April 28, 2011 - INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney speaks with Kate Middleton's college friend Emma Sayle about her famous friend.

INSIDE EDITION:  "What kind of Princess will she make?"

SAYLE: "Kate's a perfect princess. She won't come in and cause a scene. She won't fall out of a taxi drunk with her skirt up. She is very much one step behind William. She doesn't need the attention. She's there in love with someone."

INSIDE EDITION: "Was Kate devastated when they broke up?"

SAYLE: "She was devastated...a lot of people fall to pieces. She held her head high went out and was in constant contact with William.  It wasn't a clean total break...she got involved in what we were doing...I met her when her girlfriends said come join the sisterhood and do something fun with the girls."

INSIDE EDITION: "What do you know about Prince William?"  

SAYLE: "Prince William is a cad, he's good fun he's one of the boys he's out in nightclubs and he's very much a free spirit he was born into that family he's very much like his mother...He's a ladies man he's not going to go out there and cheat on Kate but he's fun and has a lot of female friends. He's very flirtatious...Harry comes across that way but William is more than Harry is."

INSIDE EDITION: "What is a cad?"  

SAYLE: "A cad is an old English name for a ladies man."

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