AIR DATE: Friday April 8, 2022





Oscar Winner Patricia Arquette Spills Stories from "True Romance," "Boyhood" & More

Drew: Alright, ‘True Romance.’

Patricia: Okay behind the scenes here’s a crazy story. So, Tony Scott our director, I came in with the hair like that and he’s like, ‘I do not like that hair.’ I was like, ‘but I really want to have this hair,’ and he was like, ‘Okay why are you doing that hair?’ and I was like, ‘Well I think she grew up watching Farrah Fawcett and she doesn’t know how to do feathered hair but this is her like version of feathered hair, he’s like ‘You got it.’

Drew:..That’s so cool. Okay, ‘Medium.’

Patricia: We’re working on the show we have to do like 16-hour days. I can’t tell you how many times they were like action, and they’re like Patricia wake up. I was falling asleep all the time when I’m supposed to wake up, there are really times when I’m waking up.

Drew: That is so great I love that, and by the way good acting because it’s real. Okay, ‘Boyhood.’

Patricia:…It’s miraculous that movie ever got financing because we could have just in year eight said give me a lot more money, I’m not coming back.

Drew: So when you’re winning the Oscar for that film…what’s going through your mind because your speech made headlines and was magnanimous about equal pay for women?

Patricia: Well when I was getting there I was like wait why am I winning this, if I’m gonna win this why am I winning this, oh because I played a mom who was the primary caretaker for her kids, how would her life have been different had she earned her full dollar and been able to take care of her kids, how would their lives have been different, so if this moment is going to happen that I didn’t try to force to happen, then I’m going to use this to do something good for everybody, so I just went up there and okay here we go, equal pay and equal rights.

Drew:…’The Act’ oh my god.

Patricia: And my kids already knew of the story I was like, ‘Hey I got offered the script, it’s about DeeDee and Gypsy Blanchard,’ ‘Don’t do it mom.’ I’m like, ‘You guys I’m not going to become her, you know me.’ ‘Please don’t do it, she’s so scary.’


Patricia on Hosting a Wake For Her Youth on Her 40th Birthday

Drew: I was actually talking earlier about this mother who doesn’t want her daughter to dress in black for her wedding and that I empathize with her because my daughter wanted like a death themed birthday party and I was like I can’t scare the other parents and then the invitation is that.

Patricia: She’s my girl. I had a birthday party like that too.

Drew: Okay so tell me about this birthday party because it sounds like something we could maybe all adopt, I don’t know it sounds so cool.

Patricia: So, when I turned forty I had a wake for my youth, I had skull and crossbones and people were making eulogies that were silly…and it was like ah let’s bury that part of my life, start anew.

Drew: I’ve never heard of anyone doing that and I feel like that is a trend that could pickup steam.


Patricia on the Craziest Thing She Did as a Rebellious Teen

Drew: We were both rebellious teenagers, what’s the craziest thing you ever did? I can think of a lot.

Patricia: I mean there are a lot, but crazy enough to talk about here, me and my friend got arrested shoplifting, and so I went to the police station all that stuff, and then when I had to go back, the judge or I don’t even know who this person was, he said will you ever do this again and I said no, he’s like okay I believe you I’m gonna let you off on a warning and I said no no I think I should be punished, I don’t think I should just be let off like that, and he was like okay how about this for punishment, you go to therapy until you think you’re done, I was like okay that sounds good, I’ll go to therapy.

Drew: Was the therapy good?

Patricia: Well, I love therapy but I kept falling asleep in therapy.

Drew:…I love that you’re like no I would like the full extent.

Patricia: Of the punishment, yeah.


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