AIR DATE: Tuesday, April 12, 2022




Alison Brie on Her Relationship with Husband Dave Franco

Drew: What’s your approach to love because you are in such a beautiful dynamic?

Alison: First of all I am always happy to talk about Dave and I love him so much. I think a couple of things. The first one is respect. I think we respect each other so much and we are so kind to one another. Like we really take care with the way we speak to one another on a daily basis and it makes a big difference I think. Also, this may sound cheesy maybe but not to hold back, from the day we met each other there were no games. It was like, ‘I really like you.’ ‘I like you too.’ And every day since then I’m like, ‘God I’m in love with you.’ ‘I love you too.’ There’s something nice about that. Where people get real guarded and you go through different relationships, you have breakups, you have fear and you don’t want to get hurt. But I think it’s better to just go with your instincts and say it because wouldn’t it be better to learn if someone didn’t feel the same way sooner rather than later? Instead of feeling like you had to play some game.

Drew: We don’t have enough time to mess around. I can’t agree more. I totally agree.


Alison Brie on Meeting Her Husband at Mardi Gras & Dave Franco Proposing with a 5-Year-Old Mardi Gras Zorro Mask

Drew: Is it true you guys met at Mardi Gras?

Alison: Yes.

Drew: This gives me hope for Mardi Gras.

Alison: That one night stand from Mardi Gras that I’ve been with for a decade. Can’t shake him.

Drew: Is it true that has a payoff to the story of your proposal that confused you. What happened?

Alison: Yes, I met him at Mardi Gras and basically for 48 hours I wore this disgusting silver Zorro style mask on my head…I mean awesome but at hour 45 you’re just like you haven’t taken it off at all. Did you shower? So at the end of the weekend together I had written my phone number on the mask and hidden it in his bag for him to find. He texted me before I was even at the airport some funny joke that gave me that feeling…I was like, ‘Oh no, I’m going to fall in love with this guy.’ And then I did. So then, cut to we were in Big Sur for his birthday weekend so I didn’t see it coming. We are not there celebrating something romantic, it’s about him. I have no idea that he’s kept this mask all this time. No idea. I thought he wrote down my number and threw it away. So we had been down at the beach that morning, we are covered in sand and it’s one of those classic moments before a proposal where you are being lied to and the person is acting really strange. He’s like come, ‘Come out on the deck. We’ve got to get a photo. It’s so beautiful right now.’ I’m like, ‘Right now. I’m disgusting and covered in sand.’ And the start of the video is actually really funny because I don’t know it’s being shot. So I am facing away, wiping sand off my butt…And then I turn around finally and he’s on one knee, in a silver Zorro mask, with a box that is not a ring box….He got a placeholder ring at an antique shop near our house, but the box it came in was just a giant pink, not a ring box….I truly was like, ‘Ahh.’ And he was like, ‘Will you marry me?’ And I was like, ‘What?’ I started laughing and was like, ‘Are you being serious?’ And he’s like, ‘Yes, this is the mask I’ve kept it for five years. The day we met I knew you were the one.’ And I’m still cracking up and I’m looking in this box and the ring that he bought as a placeholder, I love him, I love him, it just looked like a medieval piece of corroded metal that was black and flat and weird. It didn’t even look like a ring. ‘Are you being serious?’ ‘Yes, this is just a placeholder ring, I am going to have Irene make your ring when we get back to LA.’ And I go, ‘Yes.’


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