AIR DATE: Monday March 21, 2022





Nicola Coughlan on Her “Bridgerton” Character Being Revealed as Lady Whistledown & Keeping It A Secret

Drew: Your character has been revealed as none other than the one Lady Whistledown.

Ross: Okay I was screaming at the TV. Of course this is why the gossip columnists of the town all of season one were trying figure out who it is, it’s you.

Nicola: I know, it was crazy because they were not sure whether they were going to reveal it or not, it was sort of a debate, but then what you see in season two, you can see why they revealed at the end of season one.

Ross: Oh, that’s a tease.

Drew: And you are pulling the puppet strings to so much of the show, and not until the last second eighty two million people were like oohh, how did you keep the mystery knowing?

Nicola: I did not keep it well on set in any way shape or form, I would go up to people during lunch break and be like do you know who Lady Whistledown is, they were like no, I was like it’s me, so that’s how I sort of tempered it without telling the rest of the world. I was very good at just telling people on set that it was me and it was crazy because it was just a huge secret to keep even doing press for season one they were like Lady Whistledown and I was like mmhmm.

Ross: What about your friends, were they like look me in the eye is it you?

Nicola: I did tell a lot of them, they were so mad at me so this season I’ve been not allowed to tell them anything they don’t want to know anything about it, I watched a little bit with my mom already, and they were turning around going to me like…didn’t I do good secret keeping, aren’t I better at that than you thought I was.

Final Five Bridgerton Edition: Nicola Reveals Who Is Show’s Biggest Gossip, Most Likely to Break on Set & More!

Drew:…Okay number one, which cast member is most like to break in a scene?

Nicola: Jonathon Bailey, I don’t even have to think about that, he’s a terrible giggler, and he plays this really brooding like terrible rake and then he’s like a little girl when he giggles, so one hundred percent him.

Ross:…Who is the most gossipy cast member?

Nicola: I’m just going to nominate myself because I would be the one like reading Deuxmoi and like did you know this and this, but I love like, but I think like not all gossip is bad, people perceive it as a terrible thing but like you know when celebrities get together, like have been apart for a long time and get together and it’s joyful, that’s gossip but that’s like harmless joyful gossip.

Ross: I like the spin. I’ll accept it.

Nicola: Make myself look good.

Drew: I believe we call that pop culture.


Tinx Advice To Drew: Do Not Go to Dinner on the First Date

Drew: Let me ask you some advice because this is something I’ve just recently learned, I had gone on some dates over the past years and they were always a meal…okay your reaction says it all.

Tinx: You can’t do a first dinner date, then you’re locked in. Oh my god have you ever gone on a dinner date and you sit down and you haven’t even gotten bread yet and you’re like so where do you grow up you said, and you’re just like pulling at straws to keep it going.

Drew: Like almost all of them.

Tinx: Exactly and then you’re like trying to eat your pasta and keep the conversation going…you’re like check.

Drew: Yeah…and of course I can’t be, I’m not rude and then I also wanna be like give it a minute but I’m like maybe a minute, not seventy-two.

Tinx: Exactly, after living and learning, I agree too.