AIR DATE: Wednesday, March 17, 2022




Evan on Her Son Being The Catalyst To Speak Out

Drew: What was the catalyst because you do have a child?

Evan: That was the catalyst, like really. It was like, ‘How do I live with myself knowing I am the example for this young person if I can’t speak up for myself and for other people.’ Especially in a time such as this that we are living in, when these things are getting pushed to the surface and now is the time for truth and healing and having those hard conversations and if I run away from this now what do I tell my child. Be that person. If you have the platform and the privilege to help other people, dear God use it. And, I just felt I just had to do it.


Evan Rachel Wood on Why She Decided To Do The Documentary

Evan: When I first started speaking about my abuse I was still sort of in the midst of processing it. When I testified in front of Congress for another bill, for the Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights, I thought that was going to be it. I thought that was going to be the only time I told my story. I thought I was going to leave it there, walk away, move on. And then I saw after I testified all of these stories popping up on the Internet and when I saw that it was like a bomb went off, and I can tell by the details in their stories that they knew things that nobody else knew. I knew they were telling the truth. And there was this amazing moment of liberation that I’m not crazy. The way this person gaslit me, anytime I questioned them, anytime I challenged them. The way they made me feel like I was so wrong and I was so unhinged and to see that I was right like I can trust myself.


Evan Rachel Wood on The Heart-Shaped Glasses Music Video

Drew:When you are with your lover and you are making a music video and you are simulating sex. Where do you draw that line because it’s so confusing?

Evan: I knew that I was uncomfortable and something terrible was happening but it was that, ‘Oh God but if I say anything I am going to get in trouble. It’s going to hurt me. It’s going to hurt my career. I can never tell anybody this happened.’ And again, denial, denial. Just push it down, push it down and the Heart-Shaped Glasses video there’s no nudity contract that was drawn up. Normally when you do an explicit sex scene, it is talked about before, ‘This is what we are going to do. This is what we are going to show. This is what we are going to agree to. The footage will be destroyed afterwards.’ You sign a contract. That just didn’t exist because this wasn’t the plan. It wasn’t until the cameras were rolling that my clothes started being pulled off of me. But I do remember that day when things started happening very specifically having the thought, ‘Wait this isn’t a dream this is really happening.’ Like I felt like I was in a dreamlike state, I was so out of it.

**Warner (aka Marilyn Manson) claims Wood was coherent and engaged during the shoot and very involved in weeks of pre-production and post production editing of the video.  He denies ever abusing Wood and says their relationship was consensual.