“Peacemaker” Star John Cena

 “Peacemaker” Star John Cena



John Cena Reveals He Still Gets Nervous

John: I think if you get to that point where you are not nervous, you talk to any athlete who takes the field before a game, if they get to that point where they lose that edge, even as a live performer, man I’ve gone down that ramp way too many times, but every single time there is that moment right before you pull the curtain back it’s an indescribable feeling of everything at peak insanity. And then you go out and it’s amazing, even when it’s the long nights when you suck, it’s amazing.  But there is not a night, not a time where I’ve ever walked around that door that I am not nervous.

Drew: I do think you know how valuable that is. That is helping me right now because I am scared in this job all the time. I am, I try to be a journalist, I’ve never been a talk show host before, I am dealing with broadcast in a digital age. There is everything that I am trying to figure out on the job sometimes and that just made me feel less alone.

John: I think you are doing great as a talk show host.


John Cena on Having Kids of His On & The Make-A-Wish Foundation

Drew: Where are you at now because I think you would make like kind of the world’s greatest father.

John: First of all thank you for the comment. I really enjoy my life. I have been riding a lightning bolt for quite some time now. I have been given opportunities to do and see things that man, I didn’t even dream of and I had some pretty lofty dreams. It’s hard work. It’s hard work to balance the time, I need to run myself correctly. It’s hard work to be the best partner and husband I can be to my loving wife. It’s hard to keep connections with those in my life that I love. And it’s also hard to put in an honest day’s work. This is just my perspective, totally not qualified, but I think just because you might be good at something, for me, is not a strong enough reason to do that. You have to have passion for it. You have to have a fuel for it. It’s like saying to someone, ‘Man, you know you are pretty good with your hands. You would be a great carpenter.’ But if I want to be an actor, I am going to be an actor. Just to say to somebody you have a great interaction with young people, that’s flattering. I still flip and the reason I love Make-A-Wish so much is because those are those families wishes. You can do anything you want, and Make-A-Wish’s list is enormous, they literally will do anything you want. ‘I want to kick it with John Cena and go see him wrestle.’ That is the coolest thing I have ever heard in my life.

John Cena on Being a Limo Driver When He Was 19-Years-0ld

Drew: One of my favorites is that you were a limo driver?

John: I was. So I was about 19, this was pre-GPS, you still had to buy a map. I grew up in the small town of West Newbury Massachusetts, which is 1,500 strong and it is one hour and 30 minutes north of Boston. I had never been to the city in my entire life. I was given a job driving Lincoln town cars to and from Logan airport. I place I had never been to in my life. I also was 225 pounds by the time I was 19 years old. I was training for body-building competitions at the time so I brought my food in the car. My Lincoln town car smelled of steamed chicken breasts and tuna fish. So I was always late, and I mean late. I would pick people up two and a half hours late for their flight. I earned every single expletive that I was called and I’ve got to hand it to the passengers they came up with some new stuff I had never even heard and I grew up with four brothers.