AIR DATE: Tuesday, January 18, 2022




Drew’s News Team on “The Golden Girls” Characters Being Younger Than “And Just Like That…”

Drew: Both shows are supposed to be about women in their mid-fifties, and check out this side-by-side. I mean this is a real I think math aside, society moment of what we thought women in their fifties looked like in the 1980’s, versus what we think women in their fifties look like in whatever the heck this time is called. So, I mean thoughts?

Ross: Well, it’s just fascinating how we depict them, right, In “Golden Girls” they were sort of gray hair, they were all single, all living together, and now, you know they’re getting it in 2022. There is a difference or two in what the Golden Girls were doing and what these girls are doing. I will say Blanche would fit in with the “And Just Like That” girls.

Jason: Yeah, there’s a crossover there.

Ross: Just with Blanche. I don’t see Dorothy Zbornak in it. 

Jenny:It is crazy though. But is it that people just died sooner, and that was like if you’re 35 put a fork in you? Like in the eighties they’re like sorry it’s over for you.

Drew:No, she has a point. The lifespans were different and people I think did think that fifties was old, and I’m going to be forty-seven and I’m sorry I don’t feel like I need to wear poly pants and have gray hair.

Tiki: Maybe not died, I think it was do I want to think about sex with that person at fifty? Back then you didn’t want to think about that, now it’s like doesn’t matter. 

Jenny:Now you look at Jennifer Lopez and you’re like I can think about that.

Jason:All I think about is sex with fifty-year-old women.


Drew’s News Team on the Flirting Cheating Debate

Ross: I don’t think that flirting is necessarily cheating but I do think it’s dangerous. It’s like if you are on a diet and you smell a muffin. You are just smelling the muffin, you are not eating the muffin but you are going to be thinking about that muffin all day long.

Drew: I definitely feel like, like I used to have open relationships. I used to flirt. I don’t know I was so carefree and the older I get the less drama I want, the more sensitive I am. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. I don’t want my feelings hurt so if it’s feeling taboo just cut it right there…I am just old and tired, I am a Golden Girl.


Drew’s News Team Reacts to “Bridgerton” and “Outlander” Sex Scenes

Drew On How She Ended Up In Mariska’s Home Without Her After “Black Widow” Screening

Drew: So Mariska and I are hanging out we are going to see a screening of ‘Black Widow’ with friends and all of  a sudden I am in Mariska’s living room at her house.

Mariska: And I’m not. It was so crazy…We were having this screening and then I left the screening early because the party was going to be at my house and I was so excited. So I left and I walk across the street in the rain a little too fast and down I go on the street…Long story short in the ambulance I go off to the hospital and everyone is like, ‘What do we do?’ and I say, ‘Just tell people I am running an errand,’ because I didn’t want to ruin the party and it wasn’t ruined apparently.

Drew: No, it really wasn’t. In fact, I went through your whole house not in a creepy way. A little creepy because I am such a homemaker and I have to say your home is probably one of my favorite homes I’ve ever been in my whole life. It is the most magical, charming, nooks, vibes, areas, décor, cozy. I’ve also seen things in your house I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Mariska on Being the Longest Running Female Character in Television History

Drew: You are the longest running female character in television history…How does that function and feel inside?

Mariska: I feel very satisfied, sated because I am having I think more fun now than I ever have. So I feel grateful. I love my cast, I love them they are like family now. And I am also mostly grateful that the show that is the longest run show on television is about believing victims. So that for me is the most rewarding thing. And today I’ll share, as I was leaving my house, this young girl came by and she said, ‘I probably am your biggest fan you changed my life and I am going to become a psychologist for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.’ And for me I just went, okay my day is made. My year is made. It’s that. It’s a gift, I feel like I have the best job and deeply fulfilled and sort of can’t believe it at the same time.


Mariska on Meeting Her Husband on the Set of “SVU” & Shares Their First Date Took Place at Church

Drew: What was your first encounter with him like? Was it love at first sight? Was there a spark? Because he is a real presence.

Mariska: He is, and I was nervous and I heard he was German and I didn’t know what to do so I said, this is so embarrassing, I said, ‘So you’re a kraut.’ And he goes like this, ‘That’s funny.’ And I went, ‘Oh my God.’ And then Chris Meloni is like, ‘No.’

Drew: But that’s sort of like that German sense of humor, dry.

Mariska: It was. He’s so funny and so different than anyone I ever met and we had such a sort of beautiful getting to know each other and learning how to see each other and beautiful courtship and here we are 17 years married, 19 years in and still learning about each other every day.

Drew: But on that first day, because you are at work also.

Mariska: On the first day I was so nervous and I felt very, he was so handsome and it was distracting. And then he would come back the other days and all the producers would look at me and give me eyes and stuff…I had never been like to anyone ever and it was funny because you know I was single, I was 35, and my friends are like, ‘Mariska you need to get out more nobody is just going to show up on your show and ask you to marry them.’…Do you know where our first date was? It’s a little too good to be true. Our first date he asked me to go to church with him. And I was moving and I said, ‘Peter, I would love to but not today I am moving today.’ He was like, ‘Oh come on it’s an hour. It’s an hour.’ It was so funny, I just couldn’t resist so I went to church. And it was that day I remember we went to church…and I am crying and he thinks I am so moved by the sermon and I am crying because I am like, ‘I know I am going to marry him. I found my husband. I love him.’

Drew Surprises Mariska for her Birthday with Best Friend Ali Wentworth & Cake