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Preview Clip:

Drew & Gayle Make Signs Like the Woman Who Went Viral for Her “Looking for a Husband” Sign

Ross: So her video has more than 10 million views with suitors sending dating profiles in for her to consider. So I was thinking, Drew and Gayle, you are open about being single, being out there. Would you ever do that where you'd make a sign?

Gayle: I wouldn't hold up a sign that said looking for a husband because then you have no filter.

I admire that she did it. I would be afraid to do that. But I like the fact that she had that kind of moxie to say look, I'm going to put it out there here I am. If I did a sign, it would say alert and available.

Ross: Alert and available. I like that she puts it out there. I think if you are searching for love you do have to let the world know.

Drew: Why don't you put that on a sign?

Gayle: But Drew I wouldn't walk around with a sign. Would you?

Drew: Inspired by this woman's story and I totally agree that her, maybe she was looking for a husband. You and I might may or may not be. I don't know.

Gayle: I'm not saying husband. How about companion with benefits?

Drew: Yes, exactly. So here's my sign Gayle and I think it speaks to your sign.

Gayle: Oh, I like that. She's putting it out in the universe.

Ross: So Gayle you made this sign that says alert and available, right? I have an option for you

Gayle: Nate Burleson, who's our resident comedian said I should put this on my dating profile.