The Drew Barrymore Show: “Radical Optimism” Singer Dua Lipa

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“Radical Optimism” Singer Dua Lipa







Dua Lipa on Sharing Her Dream of Singing with Her Parents and Them Supporting Her Move to London
Drew: I would love to know. What did you tell your parents about going to sing in London? And I think this is important because I wanna know, as a mother myself who wants to listen to their kids as they realize who they are.

Dua: I just sat down and told them what my biggest dream was, and that was to make music. And I really needed their support to let me do my thing and go out there and try.

And I was like, I'm gonna be really well, good, as good as I could be and I'm like…and I just needed that I needed that trust and support and for them to kind of let me go and do that.

And, you know, there was a lot of back and forth. It was like, okay are you sure this is what you wanna do? Like, how are we gonna do this? What's the safest way to make sure that you're gonna be all right in London? And there was another girl, from Kosovo, who was going to study in London. And my parents knew her parents. And so they were like, all right, you can flat share.

So we just we lived together and I went and did my thing. She was doing her thing, but it was the trust that my parents gave me, and I think it was just reciprocated. Every morning when I woke up, I'd be like, right, I'm on my way to school. I'm doing this. I'd keep them updated, but my parents, they were always my friends as well. But now they're my best friends because they've really just opened that door for me.


Dua on the Song Training Season Being About A Bad Date
Drew: Alright. Training season. The song. So is it about a bad date?

Dua: I think you could say that. It's really, okay so training season is, this is like me and my singledom. I went on a couple of dates. All terrible. And I went into the studio with my friends, Kevin, Tobias and Caroline and I went in and normally every studio session starts with a little chat, a little gossip. What's happening, what, what's been going on in my life and I just go guys training season's over. I'm done training up these boy. No more. I know. And so that what started off as a joke turned into a lyric which then blossomed into a song and then we have training season which was almost like a manifestation because I believe that the words that I write, I have to be careful what I write because sometimes I feel like they can come true because they become a mantra. Then I say them over and over. So I just gotta be careful, you know, I'm like willing this onto myself.


Dua Lipa on How Being Single is Vital To Your Growth

Drew: How should we feel about being single?

Dua: I think singledom is so important. I feel like, so often when we find ourselves that we're single, we wish our singledom away looking for someone. Whereas when you're alone, who you are in the silence when you're doing things that only you want to do when you're taking care of yourself to hang out with the people that you love without wondering you know what someone else might want from you. You're constantly taking care of you. That's when you do your most learning. That's also when you become your most I don't know, you're so self-sufficient that when somebody does come along, you're not codependent. Nor are you looking for a relationship that's codependent on needing something of you because you can both be independent in your own and when you come together, it's wonderful. So that time that's spent alone is so vital to your growth and so important to enjoy the time that you have with yourself.


Dua Plays Would Dua Do It?

Drew: Would you would you dance at the club with your parents?

Dua: 1000%. Yes.

Drew: I was gonna say didn't, were you out one night and ran into them at a club?

Dua: Yes. Like my parents go out way more than I do. Like these people are out dancing.

I mean, I got it from somewhere but they just, they love it.

Drew: Who can go harder, your parents or you.

Dua: My parents. But yeah, it was like three o'clock in the morning I go to a club and I bump into them and they're having way more fun than me.

Drew: How cool is that? I just love that. Would Dua use someone else's toothbrush?

Dua: No, no, no. The toothbrush is too, that's just one step too far I think.

Drew: Would you enter a hotdog eating contest for charity?

Dua: Yes. Yeah, I love hot dogs. That sounds perfect.

Drew: Ok, perfect. Would Dua not wash her hair for one week?

Dua: Oh, someone was like no, I was like, yeah, yes, I would. You know what, it's actually better for your hair, natural oil, not to, not to wash it as often. It depends what kind of import. Like, if I have to be on telly, then I'll wash my hair.

Drew:  Would Dua look through someone's medicine cabinet?

Dua: No like that's so, it's such an invasion.

Drew: Would you leave the house wearing pajamas?

Dua: Yes. Yes, definitely. And a face mask sometimes.