The Drew Barrymore Show: “Dark Matter” Star Jennifer Connelly

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“Dark Matter” Star Jennifer Connelly



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Photo Credit: The Drew Barrymore Show/Ash Bean     

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Jennifer Connelly on Iconic “Top Gun: Maverick” Motorcycle Moment

Drew: You got to be on the back of a motorcycle…What is it about being on the back of a motorcycle? What is it ladies? What is it? Maybe it's like that for a man too but damn, it's the hottest experience in life.

Jennifer: I'm gonna beg to differ because of gravel. I was like the thing that they don't tell you about is what happens with your eyes. You're like, you're supposed to keep your eyes open for the camera. They're like he was wearing sunglasses and they were like, I think it would be better if you don't wear sunglasses. I was like, ok, and what that means is you're trying to keep your eyes open for the camera but that you're driving down really fast.

Drew: I assume Tom Cruise does not hold back on the speed.

Jennifer: And literally, I'm like smiling and crying. I'm like, can you see these tears?

Drew: But you were like representing what every woman felt, which is like, I wanna have my cheek on that shoulder and be on that like vessel going and you did it with such pose.


Jennifer Reveals She Also Auditioned for “Firestarter”

Drew: Is it true that you had anything to do with ‘Firestarter’ like that? Did you, did that project ever come your way?

Jennifer: I auditioned for ‘Firestarter.’ Yes, it's true. It was like one of the first things that I auditioned for. Yeah, early on. But I'm so glad that I didn't get that job because you are so perfect in that. You were so amazing.


Jennifer on What It Felt Like to Win an Oscar and Her Dad Keeping Her Grounded

Drew: What does it feel like?

Jennifer: I, well, for me, I think I complete like, shut down like panic. Like I was so nervous and overwhelmed. I remember looking out at the audience full of all those extraordinary people and then just seeing it say 40 seconds and, you know, because there's a monitor that tells you how long you have to speak. And I saw it and I think I just like, it's just a complete shock. I mean, I think the whole thing, I was kind of floating gliding into it arriving there, you know, I went, I went there with my dad, he was my, he came with me, which was really special for me and so he tethered me somewhat.