The Drew Barrymore Show: Orebella Founder Bella Hadid

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Orebella Founder Bella Hadid




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Bella on Being Close with Sister Gigi and Her Friendship with Taylor Swift

Drew: You and Gigi are so close, and I always ask advice from sisters because I had Frankie and Olive for each other.

Bella: Yes, exactly.

Drew: And yet when they fight, I'm so calm about it. I’m like, yeah.

Bella: Well, it's inevitable to fight, right? But it's always to know that you're gonna come back from it. And I think that is what's so important about my sister and I going through life. Like we're best friends and have regular sister stuff, like stealing clothes, getting the front seat, you know, like, what music are we gonna listen to? She was a Swifty. I love Lil Wayne. That was really hard for the school drives. You know what I mean? But now I can say I’m a hardcore swifty.

Drew: Your sister is friends with Taylor Swift?

Bella: Yes!

Drew: Oh, my God.

Bella: She's friends with Taylor and Taylor is amazing. And she's just the most humble, sweet, adorable human being. And then all of a sudden she's a superstar and that's what's interesting about the celebrity thing…That's what I love about your show, as everything that you are, as sensitive and empathetic and beautiful and wonderful and hard working as you are, to have a show like this where you let yourself be out here every day, your authentic unapologetic self, is what I'll say is and just to be Drew, be you every day in front of people, for the people is like just a beautiful thing and I just, I love you.


Bella on Her Relationship with Her Mom Yolanda Hadid

Drew: You talk about your mother in this way and I'm just sitting here as one mother with two daughters going, how am I going to continue to cultivate, foster, and achieve this level of trust, closeness, respect, pushing each other. You know, this is the evidence I've seen from her daughters now over the years and I want in because my daughters are my everything.

Bella: You know, I think that the beauty of our relationship with, well I'll speak for myself. My relationship with my mom is, you know, I think that we not only grew into becoming best friends but like growing up, everybody at like 14, 15, 16 has like, you know, mama doesn't know everything, and then all of a sudden you get to like, in your twenties, I'm like my mom not only knows everything but like can teach me in the world even the things that she doesn't know. I know that she knows somewhere in the back of her heart because she's just that brilliant and that's where she taught me how to navigate life with being strong and hardworking and, and, you know, try my best to be the best at what I can do. Like, that's all that I can give and maybe I'm not the most beautiful, but I know that I can give that to people.

Drew: No, the jury is out. You are.


Drew & Bella Kick off Their Shoes & Drew Reveals She’s a Sock Enthusiast

Bella: Can I take my shoes off?

Drew: Yeah. In fact, I'm in this stupid pencil skirt and I love it and it's so pretty…By the way, In N’ Out Burger socks.

Bella: Oh my God. And you love socks?

Drew: I’m a sock enthusiast! I have a collection. I have sushi socks and In N’ Out Burger socks…

Bella: And pizza socks!

Drew: I stood in line at a Dave and Buster’s, and they were like, you need tickets to win the socks. I was like, no, I will pay cash for these socks, cash.

Bella: And all the rest of the quarters that I have but I'm getting those socks.

Drew: Because I knew my daughters, I wasn't gonna ask for their tickets.

Bella: I was like in the corner, she's like, give me your tickets, give me your tickets right now.

Drew: I know, I was like, these socks say I love pizza and I need them very much.


Bella on How She Protects Herself From Burning Out

Drew: How do we protect ourselves? I think this is a universal question. This is not about me and Bella, this is about everybody here, everyone on the planet and I seek communication, any findings from and with you because I'm on this journey too.

Bella: From my understanding of what I've experienced is, I was in the rat race for so long and wanting to please everybody else and wanting to do so much for everybody else. And honestly in those moments brought me joy, until I was burnt out and I couldn't do anything.

Drew: It affected you physically.

Bella: It affected me physically. Like I was really in a lot of pain and being alone too, for me doing 10 years of working and like I never had an agent that came with me until now. And you know, I love my Joseph and he supports me so much and Jill.

Drew: I bet you didn't wanna hide behind people.

Bella: I didn’t, and it made me nervous, even more nervous to get on planes and have like, a posse…Even here today, they're like, you have four people and I'm like, but is that too much? I feel like that's too much. This looks like a posse and that feels weird.

Drew: It’s so true. I'm not an entourage person, you know. I'm relating so much, I wanna do everything on my own. I got this, you know, but I do ask for help. I know how to ask for help, but it's the kind of help where I'm still helping myself on the inside, creating what we started this conversation with, which was to, to take care of myself.

Bella: And for me, I really do feel like it is that, once you feel better on the inside and you feel good enough that you can then give back with your cup full, then you're able to give people the experience of you that you, you need for yourself. Because if you start to go to work and you get the burnouts and then you're not really you and you can't do your job correctly, you can't be kind, you can't be hard working, you can't be loving, you can't, you know, see everybody around you because you can't even see yourself.

Drew: And if you are, you are working on exhaust fumes, your tank is empty. And so how do we, how do we maintain that hope, I know you journal.

Bella: Yes, I like to journal at night because I also think remembering things of the day.