The Drew Barrymore Show: Guest In Residence Founder Gigi Hadid

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Guest In Residence Founder Gigi Hadid



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Drew Reveals Her Pocket Pal Nickname

Drew: We're the same height. I have to stand on the couch. Get ready, ready?

Gigi: That's perfect. I love it. We’re a perfect pocket.

Drew: She just said we're a perfect pocket. My nickname from my girlfriend's is pocket pal. And then for short they just call me pocket.


Gigi on What Her Daughter Calls Her Going To Work

Gigi: Every year that it's like Sunday I'm like, ‘Oh, it's the Met Ball’ and then all the stuff starts and I’m like, ‘Oh it’s the gala,’… but I tell my daughter I'm going to the ball because she’s just like ‘Mom, are you going to New York for your fashion?’ That's what she thinks I go for, she doesn't really know what that is, it's just like ‘for your fashion,’ that’s what she says.

Drew: Is that like she said, her knowing like, are you going for work? And is that what she calls?

Gigi: She knows that I work in fashion. I don't think she really understands what a model is. She comes to the Guest in Residence office, so she knows that I make sweaters.

Drew: I heard you crocheted a little unicorn though for Khai your daughter? You crochet too?

Gigi: No, no, I don't… This is what happened, I was targeted online for a learn to crochet in one kit. So I ordered it and then like as I was leaving for this trip I told my daughter that I was going to come back with this unicorn that I was supposed to crochet and when I got back from the trip I'd only done the body and the horn. That's it, and I was supposed to do the mane like it had a unicorn mane and a little mouth. But when I got home it looked like that and she was like, ‘It's perfect mom I don't want the rest,’ And she named it Blob, and she loves him.