The Drew Barrymore Show: “The Fall Guy” Star Emily Blunt

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“The Fall Guy” Star Emily Blunt




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Emily Blunt on Injuring Herself During a Stunt in “Edge of Tomorrow” 

Emily: I didn't work as long as Ryan had to, but…

Drew: These films take a very long time.

Emily: Yeah and I didn't have to be as stunty as him in this one. I mean, I had a couple of fights. I don't mind a fight scene.

Drew: You are so strong in this movie. Where did you figure out how to fight like that?

Emily: I learned how to fight on ‘Edge of Tomorrow.’ This movie I did with Tom Cruise.  But I got injured on that one too.

Drew: What happened to you?

Emily: I mean, that's why I don't want to do anything aerial anymore. I don't want to do anything. Fights, no heights. That's my motto.

Drew: What happened on ‘Edge of Tomorrow?’

Emily: I was doing this stuff, I wear this massive armored suit. If any of you have seen it it’s super heavy. They had me on wires. I had to do this, like stunt in the air where I kind of come around like that in the air. And then I'm supposed to land like, on my shoulder and stab an alien at the same time. And I landed like that and my legs went ponk like that. So I kind of popped two ribs out.

Drew: Were you a parent at that point?

Emily: No and I won't do it now such a wuss now.

Drew: God, me too.


Drew & Emily on Filming in Alaska and Emily and John’s Dog Injuring Ted Danson

Drew: You and your husband, I was single at the time, with Douglas. Guess what? 14 years later, single with Douglas. So let me not bury the lead. We're right back to where we started. However, I was there with my little dog, A single gal. And here you were with.

Emily: My little dog, John.

Drew: Yeah, And like their dog, Finn was like a big, strapping dog, you know? And you, you're like a very handsome couple. And you guys would, like, play poker at night. And sometimes I would come And like, with Kristen Bell.

Emily: We were all in the same corridor. Do you remember? And we had to get Ted Danson up because he was down below and he felt really left out.

Drew: The coolest guy ever it turns out

Emily: Do you know Ted Danson still has a shoulder injury from Finn, like crashing into him like a football player. We would throw the ball up and down the corridor for Finn.

Drew: I remember there was no way to run him. I remember I would open my door, and there you would be with the ball and Finn.

Emily: Luckily, you were all dog lovers on that corridor, but Ted, like popped out of his room one day and he goes Finn and Finn, just like shoulder checked him.

Drew: That's how big this dog.

Emily: He was so big, you guys, he was amazing.


Emily on How the Floppy Hat Made it into “The Fall Guy”

Emily: I have to tell you the story behind the hat is that, what we would often do with fall Guy cos we wanted to improv a lot. We wanted it to feel really fresh. But what I love about their relationship is just how awkward they are and completely, you know how sometimes you watch a love story and it's so idealized. It's that thing of in movies. You see it all the time where it's like and then I would say this and then she would say this and then I would wittily respond with this. We didn't want any of that. We wanted it really messy, really awkward. And so the day before, we rehearsed that whole scene on the beach and I was wearing one of those stupid hats because I'm allergic to the sun, and, it kept blowing off. And Ryan was like, ‘You should wear that tomorrow.’ And the hat became the first bonding.

So the hat went on and then in the scene, he goes like that, and it was the first time they kind of connect