The Drew Barrymore Show: “Hacks” Star Jean Smart

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“Hacks” Star Jean Smart




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Jean Smart on Meeting Her Late Husband on Set of “Designing Women”
Drew: What was it like to do that show? Fly on the wall moment, dirty joke thing, first memory that pops up into your head.

Jean: Oh, God, it was so much fun well, you know, I met my late husband on the show and he came on to do an episode where he played Annie's boyfriend and it was before we even aired, we'd never even aired yet. And, I thought he was really cute and I'd watch him kissing Annie going, ‘Hm. Ok.’ But, no, so I, at one point I asked him into my trailer to help me with a crossword puzzle, you know.

Drew: I do crossword puzzles, but that's not what I'm interested in right now.

Jean: He invited me to see a play he was doing. And I told him at one point towards the end of the week because we were flirting like mad with each other. And I said, ‘You know, I have to tell you the reason I'm being so kind of friendly and forward is because every week one of us is assigned to the guest star to kind of make them feel at home and make them feel comfortable and show them around and everything. And you happen to be my week.’ He didn't buy that at all and it wasn't.

Drew: Well, I loved ‘Designing Women’ before but I love it much more now.


Jean on Breaking Her Rib While Filming with Kate Winslet in “Mare of Easttown”
Drew: I loved the ‘Mare of Easttown.’ I love your more serious and dramatic portrayals as well.

Jean: It's, oh my God, Kate Winslet. What a doll.

Drew: Really?

Jean: She's the, oh my God. At one point I, there's a scene where I'm sitting up on this railing and I'm trying to spy on her and her date, you know, and they're leaving for the evening. I'm playing her mother. Spying on the date and I'm kind of flirting with him in a horrible way.

And earlier I had done a scene where I'm drunk with the priest and we're playing cards like we do every Sunday and I fall out of my chair and I'm laughing, I'm on the floor and I'm laughing and she gets mad at me. So I thought it might be kind of fun for that to be a thing for that character that she's always kind of falling down or almost falling down occasionally. So I thought it'd be funny if I almost fell over the railing and like take five, I went over the railing down the flight of stairs, broke one of my ribs in half and got a concussion. And Kate was so sweet. She was, well, we were waiting for the ambulance. My back hurt so bad I thought I'd broken it and she was behind me kind of supporting my back and she was saying ‘It's all right, mommy they’re coming mommy, it's all right. It's all right.’ And, when the guy finally got me in the ambulance and he's getting ready to hook up the morphine drip and everything. He said, ‘Boy, your daughter was sure worried about you.’ And I went like, what, who, what, who, and he said your ‘d –‘ I said, I said, ‘Oh, no, no, no.’ I said ‘That's an actor. She was playing my daughter. No, she just calls me mommy.’ I said, ‘Didn't you recognize her?’ And he said, ‘No, who was it?’ And I said ‘That was Kate Winslet.’ And he went, ‘I missed Kate Winslet.’ Could you get back to the job at hand?


Jean on When She First Started Filming with “Hacks” Co-Star Hannah Einbinder
Jean: When we first started working together when she was still, you know, kind of intimidated and enamored of me. But now she's like, whatever, you know, but she, this was really her first acting job, which is, she's phenomenal. She's just a natural. And, she came up to me after a couple of weeks and she said, ‘I really wanna thank you because I heard that you really went to bat for me with the producers.’  And I said, ‘I did, I said you were absolutely my first choice of the girls I had auditioned with.’ And I said, ‘In fact, I told the producers that, if they didn't hire you, I wasn't gonna do the show.’ And she said, ‘Really?’ I said, no, I said, ‘What are you nuts?’


Jean on the Miserable “Sweet Home Alabama” Scene Reese Witherspoon Filmed that Got Cut
Drew: I wanted to ask you about one last movie ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ which is such a beloved movie. In fact, Reese Witherspoon herself came on and did behind the scenes with this movie and she told us that she still had her wedding dress from the film.

Jean: That's so weird because I'm gonna talk about her in her wedding dress.

Drew: Ok. Talk, give it.

Jean: She, I played her, almost mother in law, I guess is what it was, her almost mother in law. She was such a pro I, she was, I was so impressed with her. We did a scene we were shooting in Atlanta but it was, it's freezing cold there sometimes you think of it as the Deep South, it was really cold and we were outdoors in a wedding scene and it's raining and we're all frozen, but we get to keep going and throwing on coats and blankets and she has to come in and he's carrying her like this and she's like unconscious and she was in a sleeveless wedding dress soaked through. They just hosed her down. I mean, she was like a human popsicle couple a couple of takes we had to stop because she was shaking so hard, she couldn't talk and she didn't look like she was unconscious. And she did this over and over and over and over and over and never once complained. Never once said cut, never once said, do you have it? Never once.

She was I mean, it was utter utter misery, and then they ended up not using the scene.  Of course, of course they didn't.