The Drew Barrymore Show: “Open Wide” Author Benny Blanco on His Relationship with Selena Gomez, Working with Sza & More

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PREVIEW CLIP“Open Wide” Author Benny Blanco on His Relationship with Selena Gomez, Working with Sza & More



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Benny Blanco on Selena Gomez Being Real and Genuine

Drew: By the way, I think of your girlfriend Selena Gomez as like the ultimate ‘Charlie's Angel.’

She is like the pillar of empowerment and cool and sexy and capable and talented and she keeps it real about what it's like to be a human being on this planet. How does she do it all?

Benny: She's just like the best, most genuine person. Everything is so completely real. Like every day when I wake up and I like walk by the mirror as I'm like, walking to her and I'm like, and I like, look at myself and I'm like, ‘How did I get here?’ Like, how is this? No, she's one of the sweetest, one of the most charming, one of the most humble people I've ever met every, her day she wakes up thinking about like, ‘How can I make all my friends and loved ones around me feel better?’ Like that's her genuine like, and I'm like, she's so good.


Benny on Making His Sza Inspired Banana Pudding and Cooking for Her While Working on Her Album

Drew: Wait, is this inspired by Sza? Is this Sza's banana pudding?

Benny: It is true. It's inspired by her.

Drew: Can I show you a picture of me and her? Because I'm so in love with her and I want to prove I know her.

Benny: You know she loves you too.

Drew: I mean she made that song.

Benny: Was that cool?

Drew: The coolest. I got to do the video with her too. I was like, can I be in it? I'll just be in for like one second. So why is this inspired by her? What's the story of Sza and the banana pudding?

Benny: Ok. So first day she comes to my house to work she's like, ‘Oh, can I get a glass of water?’ She goes into the fridge she pulls out a glass of water and then she's like, ‘Hey, what's that?’ And it was, I was like, ‘Oh, it's just like a tupperware of like some banana pudding.’

And she was like, ‘Oh, ok. Can I have a little bit’ so she had a teeny bit and then, like, throughout the day I just noticed like, she was just like, going back and forth through until the entire tray was gone by the day. And then, she comes in the next day and I guess for some reason I had like some lasagna that I was just eating the day before and by the time we were done working on the album, I wasn't even a record producer I was just like a full restaurant.

Like every day she came and she would demand it. She'd be like, ‘I need a banana pudding. I need a lasagna. I need a steak. I need some pasta’ and I was just, I would stay up all night cooking before, but it makes me happy.

Drew: Did you say open wide?

Benny: Yeah, I did, I did. I said, guess what? Now you can cook this for yourself?