The Drew Barrymore Show: “The Heart of Rock and Roll” Star Huey Lewis “The Strangers: Chapter 1” Star Madelaine Petsch

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“The Heart of Rock and Roll” Star Huey Lewis

“The Strangers: Chapter 1” Star Madelaine Petsch




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Huey Lewis Shares Behind the Scenes Moments on Recording “We Are The World” 
Drew: What did we not see in the documentary because I watched it. I loved it so much.

But like when you guys were on break, did you guys, what, who did you talk to?

Huey: Well, I mean, that was actually the fun was that, you know, we took regular union breaks, every couple of hours there would be 15 minutes breaks and it was just the artists, so we hung out. You know, I found out that Bruce Springsteen is a very funny guy. He's a really good joke teller who knew right.  And, yeah, we had all kinds of, I mean, Willie Nelson comes over, we're talking about golf. He says, ‘I hear you're playing golf.’ I said, ‘Yeah we put the clubs on the bus and it's gives us something to do.’ He said, ‘We're doing it too.’ And Bob Dylan comes over and says to us, he says, ‘Are you guys talking about golf?’ And I said, ‘Yeah,’ he says, ‘Wow, that's outrageous.’ I said, ‘No, Bob Nashville skyline was outrageous. This is just golf.’


Madelaine on “Riverdale” Ending & Still Talking to Her Castmates Everyday

Drew: We were talking about how ‘Riverdale’ is has ended and it was on for seven seasons and it, it immediately channeled something for me. I remember being a kid and like when things ended, you know, it was such a, a jarring feeling because you build families. So how has this transition been for you? Because I so understand it.

Madelaine: It's been interesting. I think we definitely all feel that the show went as long as it was supposed to. There's no part of me that feels like I should have played this character for longer or it should have gone for longer, which is wonderful, but it is the family. It's like we had the same crew for seven years and the same people touching my face every day in Vancouver in the same apartment for seven years. And that's been tough. I think it's like you go through all the stages of grief saying goodbye to a chapter in my entire twenties. I mean, like I, I worked with Luke Perry who taught me how to conduct myself on a set properly. And I think you, you go through so much life in, especially from 21 to 28. It's such formative years. So it's been tough, but I'm still in touch with all of my costars and we talk every day and, yeah, I mean, Lily Cami and I are all best friends and so I still have that sense of community. It's just change. It's, you know, it's growing, it's how life works. You just kind of evolve.


Madelaine on Speaking with an Akashic Record Reader About Her Divine Life Partner
Drew: Did you have a spiritual reading in a date?

Madelaine: It wasn't in a date, but have you ever heard of an Akashic record? We got some nods. Have you?

Drew: No.

Madelaine: So Akashic Records, I'm going to botch this. So, I'm so sorry to all of my spiritual guides out there. Akashic records are basically your soul's contracts with other people on this planet or like creatures or whatever…So you can talk to an Akashic record reader who I did and she will answer your questions. So I ask questions like, do I have a divine life partner or have I met my divine life partner is ex my divine life partner. And the thing that I, I love about spirituality and this specifically is it's like, oh, you really do have a path. You've got one path that your body is gonna go on. You have free will, obviously, but it's such a beautiful thing. So I spoke with my Akasha record reader and I always thought that I had met one of my divine life partners already, but I never really knew but I asked about a specific person who I've been friends with for about 10 years and she was like, yes, this is one of your divine life partners and we've been dating ever since. Yeah, she's gonna cry.

Drew: Oh, that just makes me so happy because you deserve happiness.

Madelaine: Thank you. So do you.