The Drew Barrymore Show: BFF Show with Meghan Trainor and Chris Olsen

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BFF Show with Meghan Trainor and Chris Olsen




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Meghan Trainor on Writing A New Song For Drew and How She Gets Inspiration for Songwriting 

Meghan: We're gonna get you someone. She’s never looked this good in her life

Ross: She looks great, but she also looks like ready

Meghan: Ready for it. Ready for love.

Drew: Did you make your new hit?

Meghan: I'm gonna write a new hit about you.

Drew: ‘Ready For Love’ though is a great, it's a great song.

Ross: Is that how songs hit you though where someone would just say something.

Meghan: Yeah say they it and I go, ‘Oh that’s a good song.’


Meghan Reveals She Was Pregnant Last Time She Was on the Show & the Meaning Behind Her New Album Title

Meghan: I made a baby on your show when I was singing, ‘Made You Look,’ I was like six weeks pregnant and I felt horrific. And I was up here like, ‘Oh, I made you look’ and I was like, ‘Don't throw up,’ but I had a full baby and now he's out and he's perfect. And immediately when he got out, I started writing songs for the, this album Timeless and it's called Timeless T for my family Trainor but Timeless because I wanna live forever. I'm like, everything is all good that I'm like, oh my God, don't stop, you know, life is so great and I wanna live forever and love forever and live like we're Timeless.


Meghan on Wanting More Kids & How She Does It All with a Support System
Drew: Double C section.

Meghan: Double C section. I'm done but I'm not, I need two more kids.

Drew: Really?

Meghan: Yeah, I want daughters. No, I'm trying to make one but like we'll get one. I’m busy.

Drew: I do question like, how do you do it? And I think it's different for everyone in their process and I feel like I don't really understand that question, but I just got really curious like, yeah.

Meghan: Antidepressants and therapy every Wednesday.

Drew: Me too.

Meghan: And my mommy. I have the best mommy and my family and friends. My team that I work with every single day. They are my family, my manager, Tommy. He married my husband and I at our first wedding and then at our what is it called when you renew it? That's the word.

On my 30th birthday, we got married again because that was my request. Every five years we're getting married and he married us again and they are, he's like the godfather of my kids.

Like, is that what it is godfather? Godparent? And so yeah, they are my family. These are my true friends and because that's who I see every day.