The Drew Barrymore Show: PREVIEW CLIP: “Blue Bloods” Stars Donnie Wahlberg & Bridget Moynahan

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PREVIEW CLIP“Blue Bloods” Stars Donnie Wahlberg & Bridget Moynahan




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Preview Clip:

Donnie on Sleeping with Wife Jenny McCarthy on FaceTime

Drew: Is it true about the FaceTime…that you guys sleep together on FaceTime?

Donnie: I'm away most of the year working. She goes to LA and films ‘The Masked Singer,’ I go to New York and film ‘Blue Bloods.’ We live in Illinois, but we now have the luxury of being able to sleep together when we're apart. So whoever's going to sleep first just calls the other one. We spend the whole night together when we're not together and look, it’s not that we're insecure or that we need to do this, we love to do it.

Drew: I get nothing but positive vibes from this.

Donnie: And I love my wife.

Drew: You’re the first person to make me think technology is a good thing.

Donnie: It’s great. It's like, why not? Right? We’re going to miss each other, why wake up saying, ‘Oh my God, I missed you. I woke up at three in the morning.’ I tell her if you wake up at three in the morning and can't sleep, just tap me on the shoulder through the phone and I'll wake up and hang out with you for a while.

Bridget: She like that extra person at the family dinner because the phone is always there and in-between takes it's like, ‘Hi, honey. Hi, honey.’ And we’re all, ‘Jenny!’

Drew: The famous Blue Bloods ending of every episode, the Sunday supper. I don't know if that's what you guys call it, but that what I call it watching it.