The Drew Barrymore Show: “Blue Bloods” Stars Donnie Wahlberg & Bridget Moynahan

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“Blue Bloods” Stars Donnie Wahlberg & Bridget Moynahan




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Drew & Bridget on Which Character They Are In “Sex and the City”
Drew: I started as a Samantha and a Carrie. I tried to be a Charlotte for a while.

Bridget: Who are you now?

Drew: I think I'm probably, well, Miranda in ‘And Just Like That’ is very different than Miranda in ‘Sex and the City’ so I would say I'm a little more Miranda in the old ‘Sex and the City.’ I'm not ‘And Just Like That’ Miranda.

Ross: And are you and Natasha?

Bridget: I think I'm a Natasha but I have been, I think all of them.

Ross: Yeah, I always love Natasha.

Drew: Love Natasha.


Bridget on Appearing on “And Just Like That” And if She Wants to Return
Drew: I want more Natasha. I feel like you have always been that force in the show. That is a barometer for decency and strength like you weren't afraid.

Donnie: That's gonna be your new nickname by the way, I'm gonna have the whole dinner table calling her Natasha.

Ross: Any chance we'll get more Natasha in ‘And Just Like That?’

Bridget: I don't have, I don't have any answers. I know that all my girlfriends have come up with a very juicy storyline that I feel like we need to pitch to the creators there and maybe get it going. I can't release it here. This would be bad.

Ross: Really? This is a good idea. We're gonna pitch it to Michael Patrick King.


Drew on Her Night with NKOTB Member Jordan Knight

Drew: I thought about a night that I remember walking through a sea of girls at a hotel on the Sunset strip. And, it was in the late eighties, early nineties and I got to go into Jordan Knight's hotel room and, and it was like, literally, I was getting to live out every girl's fantasy.

Ross: And not just the girl's fantasy, you know what I’m saying?

Drew: You're right but all we did was he played the keyboard and about three in the morning I left and went home and it was the loveliest, most chaste evening of my life. You didn't think that was where it was going. I know that wasn't where I wanted it to go I think at the time.

Ross: I'm proud of you and disappointed in you.

Drew: I feel the same way.


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