The Drew Barrymore Show: PREVIEW CLIP: "Hope Is a Rainbow" Author Hoda Kotb on Her Dreams Coming True After Turning 50


PREVIEW CLIP: "Hope Is a Rainbow" Author Hoda Kotb on Her Dreams Coming True After Turning 50





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Preview Clip:
Hoda Says Every Great Thing Happened to Her After She Turned 50
Hoda: Every great thing that happened to me happened after 50.
Drew: What is this thing with 50 because every woman I know it says it's Everest, because it's the moment,
Hoda: It is the mountain top...Here's what happened at 50. At 50, I started saying things out loud instead of dreaming them, hoping for them, wishing for them. I was walking with a girlfriend one day and she said to me, 'We never wanted kids, right?' And I always did, but I never said it because I had missed that train and I went through some things when I was younger, so that was not gonna happen. And I stopped on the street, and I looked at her and I said, 'Actually, I always did,' and she goes, 'You always did? You never said it?' And I said, 'I didn't say it because if I said it, it'd be like me saying, I wanna be an astronaut.' And something weird happened when I said it out loud. I spoke the words out loud, and it was if the universe was listening. So, I went home, and Sandra Bullock was on TV, talking about adopting a little boy named Louis from New Orleans. I was like, 'How old is Sandra Bullock? Oh my God. Sandra Bullock is my age!' So I saw that and then I turned and I saw something else...And the world started cooperating and it struck me if you have a hope, a dream, a wish, a desire, whisper it. Even if you're just doing it to yourself, say it out loud in the bathroom mirror. Who cares where you say it? But once the words are out, something happens...So I went to an adoption agency. Boom, boom, boom. All of a sudden, I have two children. They're seven and five.
Drew: You've become such a mother figure. And so for anyone out there listening to that, how incentivizing, how encouraging because you are such a good mom.