The Drew Barrymore Show: “Immaculate” Star Sydney Sweeney

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“Immaculate” Star Sydney Sweeney  




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Sydney Sweeney on Leaving the Room Crying on Her Worst Audition\

Audience Member: You've been auditioning since you were 12 years old. What is your most embarrassing audition story?

Sydney: Oh, this one I'm scarred like I like it's the exact moment I will always remember. I was for the first time testing for recurring guest star role on an ABC Family show. And I have stage fright and I've always only had auditions where it was just one person in a room, which is the casting director. And this is the first time I ever walked into a room and there was a table of all of these people and I got so scared and nervous, I just forgot all my lines and I was, I couldn't do it and they kept being like, ‘You can look at your lines’ and I was so scared and I was so nervous. I was 14 and I remember just started crying and I asked if I could leave. Yeah, it was really bad.


Sydney on why She Named Her Production Company 50/50 Films

Drew: Your producing right now, it’s just beyond, it's becoming a gold standard. It's so good.

I was doing a little research 50/50 films and is it true that one of the reasons you named it that was because that you believe it takes multiple people that there's a shared credit? You don't do anything alone. Tell me about the name because I really appreciated the intention behind it.

Sydney: I truly believe in collaboration. I think more minds are better in a room than just one, and I believe everybody deserves a seat at the table. And so I hope that with my company, it allows other people to have a voice and be able to just be a part of the bigger picture.


Drew & Sydney on What they Are Currently Reading

Drew: I heard you are the most voracious reader.

Sydney: I do like to read.

Drew: Like 1 to 3 books a week?

Sydney: I try. This last week though I was not able to read much with ‘SNL.’

Drew: What is a book recommendation that you have? Because I'm reading Out on a Limb by Shirley McLaine.  Does anyone remember that old book? It's where she discovered reincarnation. It was so controversial and big at the time, like the cover is like iconic and it was on everybody's like table in the eighties. It was huge and she wrote a series of books. But I was like I need that in my life right now. So I dabble all over the place. I like classics. I like modern. I'll read anything.

Sydney: I'm really into like fantasy sci fi books right now.


Sydney on What She Wants to Try Next

Drew: Ok. What's something that you are dying to try but haven't tried yet.

Sydney: Oh, I really wanna try kite surfing.

Drew: Of course you do.

Sydney: Well, I wanna say my mom told me when I was really young to fall in love with as many things as possible. And I've always taken that to heart and been trying to try everything in life.