The Drew Barrymore Show: “Arthur the King” Star Simu Liu and His Rescue Dog Chopa

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“Arthur the King” Star Simu Liu and His Rescue Dog Chopa 




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Simu Had a Vision The “Barbie” Cast Would Perform at the Oscars & Drew on What the Film Meant to Her
Drew: You're performing at the Oscars, you are up there representing your Ken. I mean, from this to the Oscars is like everything. This is what I believe life is, the journey of how and where we get to. So how did it feel to be doing the song that is, I think the anthem of our lives right now. It really is. It's just, it's the song that goes to so many different places and hits on so many emotions and everybody loves it and it's just like this perfect song.

Simu: I love that it's kind of become the theme song of non toxic masculinity. You know what I mean?

Drew: Was it an amazing experience?

Simu: Surreal. Yeah, I mean for whatever reason and I don't mean to say this like to, to really big myself up or anything. But while making the movie, I always, I had this like weird vision that we were gonna be performing at the Oscars and I don't know why, but I think it was because first of all Greta was like such an iconic filmmaker in everything that she does. And then, you know, it's like day one of rehearsal, we're in a dance studio Margot and Ryan are like fosseing across the dance floor. And I'm just like, this is crazy. And we're gonna do this on stage at the Oscars because people are gonna wanna see this.

Drew: And they do, we need it. I love ‘Barbie’ so much. I love the film.  I've seen it probably 20 something times now and then I watched it with my daughters who are gonna be 12 and 10.

And I, there's the line of like, we mothers stay still so our daughters can see how far they've come and gone. And I just, I was like, oh my God, there's so much to that film and to take a concept like here you go, here's Barbie now do something with it. What you guys did with it is so meaningful and it's introducing so much thoughtful life experience and the questions we should be asking ourselves in life and it's a two hander, it's Ken and Barbie, you know.


Simu Liu on Making Eye Contact with Robert Downey Junior While Dancing at the Oscars

Ainsley: I’m a huge fan of Marvel and your movie ‘Shang Chi’ and I was wondering if you were friends with or had any funny memories with recent award winner, Robert Downey Junior?

Simu: I think we made eye contact at the Oscars, which is the best. I mean, when you're on stage at all, it's pretty nerve wracking. But when you're on stage at the, and you know, that room is like, oh, I'm, you know, when I'm hip thrusting, like, because that was part of the choreography, it's like I am hip thrusting at Emma Stone and if I turn like, maybe like this many degrees, I'm hip thrusting directly at Robert Downey Junior and, and I did at, at certain points definitely catch his eye. And then I think at one point after he was like, you know, he was like.


Drew on Meeting Ariana Grande with Her Daughters Backstage at SNL
Drew: I got to meet Ariana Grande this weekend. We went, especially me and my two daughters, went to ‘Saturday Night Live’ to watch her perform and we ended up getting to, hang out with her and talk with her. She is so kind, so nice. So present was so amazing to my girls. We all sat around chit chatting and talking. It was the biggest gift. My daughters and I are on such a high. She went from being like our idol to our model and now I know I need to listen to her nonna.