The Drew Barrymore Show: "Kung Fu Panda 4" Star Awkwafina "Apples Never Fall" Star Jake Lacy


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"Kung Fu Panda 4" Star Awkwafina

"Apples Never Fall" Star Jake Lacy





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Awkwafina on Pretending to be her own Manager Named Edward R. 

Drew: Is it true that when you were first starting out that you actually created a phantom figure to be your agent?

Awkwafina: Yeah, when I was starting out on YouTube, I didn't have a manager because I was it was just me, and I needed to sound legit because I was getting offers for shows and gigs here. I would email as a man named Edward R. And then it would work, and they'd be like, 'Can you hop on the phone real quick?' And I was like 'Aw man, I can't do that.' I can't even be me, I can't even pretend to be someone else.

Drew: Can you do a male voice?

Awkwafina: I feel like I can...

Drew: I'm going to close my eyes, and you pretend to be Edward R.

Awkwafina: Okay...'Yeah, she's really busy. She's getting a lot of opportunities and what not.'

Drew: I'm buying it.


Jake on Screen Testing on "The Office" Set 

Drew: I'm so happy to see you. We had one circumstance that was so fun, we did screen test together. And you just had a baby.

Jake: I have two now, my kids are four and six. It's crazy.

Drew: Oh my god...'The Office,' we had a screen test and we hung out and got to know each other. Is it true that, in 'The Office,' you went and did your test [on set]. What was it like? That's such an iconic franchise.

Jake: It was my favorite show, and they were adding two guys. Clark Duke had been added and there was one more spot available and you go test, and it's me and 10 guys who look like me. They drove me out in a van, and I just thought, 'Oh, we're going to some studio I don't know about.' And they open the doors, and I think its going to be in some casting office, and it's the bullpen, on the set of 'The Office,' and Dave Rogers who's the editor had suggested, shoot the test like the show.


Jake Says He'd Like to see Molly Shannon Return to "The White Lotus"

Drew: Is there anyone from your season or second season that you would like to see come back?

Jake: Molly. I just think the world of her, and Molly is brilliant. There's a scene in the show where Mike had been like, 'Make up a story.' And she tells this story, and in the first take its this crazy neighbor who's actually CIA. And Mike was like, 'That's really great, but now have the reveal that he's a writer of books and you saw his novel in the airport.' And she gives it the same emphasis, and the reveal is so banal, and that's what's so funny...