The Drew Barrymore Show: PREVIEW CLIPS: “Irish Wish” Star Lindsay Lohan on Her Son Watching “The Parent Trap” and Manifesting Getting Pregnant

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PREVIEW CLIPS“Irish Wish” Star Lindsay Lohan on Her Son Watching

“The Parent Trap” and Manifesting Getting Pregnant  



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Preview Clips:

Lindsay Lohan on Getting Emotional Seeing Her Son Watching “The Parent Trap”
Drew: I never watch the films I was in because I feel like, oh, that would be indulgent and yet I feel like I'm missing out.

Lindsay: You can watch your films.

Drew: Do you?

Lindsay: I mean, I, if someone wants to watch it and I'm there, I put it on and I'm like, cooking in the kitchen or I have to run upstairs or I'm busy doing something else. So, because I just, it's hearing my voice that I'm like.

Drew: Oh, I love your voice.

Lindsay: But, you know, when you hear your own voice back on a voice note you're like, ‘Oh, no, I don't wanna hear it’

Drew: And it's true. You try to act like, busy and nonchalant.

Lindsay: So it's just on, it's like, ‘Oh yeah, I remember.’

Drew: What was the last one you watched?

Lindsay: I think, I don't know. Oh actually I just wrapped a movie, four days ago and I came home from work and my son was having his, he was doing, getting ready for dinner time and I opened the door and he was watching, ‘The Parent Trap’ was on, it was just on the TV. And I started crying because I'm like, he doesn't even know that's mommy yet. I was like, do I turn it off or do I just, and he was kind of just staring. Because maybe, my voice was still similar to how it was then. So I was like, maybe he knows, like a little bit that it's me because it sounds like me. But it was a really magical moment. I took tons of pictures of it.


Lindsay Lohan on Steph & Ayesha Curry Being Her Son’s Godparents & Manifesting Having Children
Drew: I didn't know this but Ayesha Curry and Steph Curry are friends of yours. In fact, godparent to your son. I didn't know that.

Lindsay: Well no one knew that until he signed the jersey.

Drew: But that's so cool.

Lindsay: I mean the public. We knew.

Drew: That's true. You guys knew.

Lindsay: Because it's such a personal thing. You don't kind of really publicize that if you have the choice, you know what I mean?

Drew: Now that you're saying it out loud, yes.

Lindsay: I was telling Ayesha when we were filming, I was like, ‘I really wanna have kids soon’ and I actually kept, it sounds cheesy, but I kept like wishing it and manifesting and praying on it. And then it happened pretty quickly after like, I was like, I'm pregnant.

Drew: You got your wish. Isn't it funny? You do start to like, I guess that whole I mean, is it appropriate to say that ticking clock? Like it happens. I remember readying my life, you know how like you ready?

Lindsay: And as a woman you get start getting worried, you're like, ‘I'm 35, oh my gosh. I gotta really think about this. I have to get going. It's scary. What's gonna happen? Do I have to rush, if I rush will it not happen?’ Your mind just goes nuts. And then once, yeah, I mean, having a baby then you're like, oh, I want another, I'm like that.

Drew: Do you want a sibling?

Lindsay: Yes, of course. Because I was lucky enough to have a sibling. So I want, I want Luai to have that.

Drew: I see why, I see why with your, like, as we're gonna call it now, saternal instinct.

Lindsay: Yeah we came up with a word.

Drew: I was like, you're so maternal but you're a sister.