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Tony Romo on His Viral Moment Calling Taylor Swift Travis Kelce’s Wife

Drew: You had called Ms. Swift Travis Kelce’s wife.

Tony: It’s really unique to have two different worlds. She was never really into football and once you get into it and your husband or boyfriend, not her husband, boyfriend is doing that you get like, ‘Wow this is a huge deal.’ He could get hurt, his whole career his legacy, so much is on the line and you feel the weight of that from everyone around you whose involved in this, how many people it takes to be successful at this and how many lives are affected. You get fired, people lose jobs, they gotta move. All these things play a role in how he does out there and then all of the sudden you sit here and go, ‘She’s the same thing in her world,’ and she’s as good as maybe anybody has ever done it at what she does and it’s like wow how unique for two people to come together and have those moments to be like, ‘Hey this is not that big a deal. We’re just fine’ and they get to just relax and take a deep breath with each other and I think it’s a great time in their lives right now. Once Taylor met him it was going to be hard for her in my opinion to not like this big personality that’s confident, engaging, genuine and so to me he’s really likeable and then she’s sweet to everybody. They just don’t make people that talented, that genuine….these two people are really genuine.


Tony on NFL Players Pregame Fashion Looks 

Drew: Pregame looks are on the rise…

Ross: That walk from the bus to the locker room has become a fashion runway.

Drew: Tony why is this an important moment for players?

Tony: I think the most important reason is because if you’re single you’re trying to get a wife, and NFL players are a little different than NBA in this regard, they wear helmets so you can’t always pick them out of a crowd. So for them to have that moment and go back be able to see you guys talk about them it’s a big deal.

Ross: It is such a pop culture moment as well and I love that they turned that little walk into a moment for super fans.

Tony: It really is because you’re not wearing it all night you’re wearing it for literally thirty seconds.

Tracy: And they think about it for a long time going in. I was with Chris Jones the other day and he’s already talking to me about his drip for Super Bowl, what is he going to wear and he even asked me, ‘Should I wear a shirt underneath or should I go bare chested?’ I told him to go bare chested.

Ross: They have that moment to make a name for themselves.


Tracy Wolfson on What Taylor Has Done For Football 

Drew: If you were next to Taylor what would you say to her?

Tracy: I would probably actually thank her and say, ‘I absolutely love how you come to support and what you’ve done for young girls around the world right now that are tuning in to watch football,’ and yes they’re tuning in to see her but now I’ve had so many fathers come up to me and say their daughters who are swifties are watching football now alongside them and it’s not just when Taylor’s on the screen. They want to watch each week and I absolutely love that.


Tony on Travis Kelce Entering the Entertainment World & Tracy on Whether He’ll Retire

Ross: You went from the field to of course now being a great broadcaster, do you think this is the sort of change Travis might be able to do.

Tony: I think there’s no question that he has the ability to do it. You see his personality, he grabs people. Once Taylor met him it was gonna be hard in my opinion to not like this big personality…to me he’s really likable. His gifts are gonna show after he’s done playing but we’re talking about one of the greatest tight ends in the history of the NFL. In our world that’s huge. I feel like he’s probably a few years away from doing that in my opinion.

Tracy: I actually talked to him yesterday about that. I asked him about retirement if it was on his mind and he admitted that he’s thinking about it. That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen after this season.

Drew: What does that mean, is it two years, five years. What does that span look like.

Tony: It’s usually not five.

Tracy: I think it’s a couple years, where his life is.