The Drew Barrymore Show: “ARGYLLE” STAR SAM ROCKWELL

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 Drew & Sam Rockwell on Doing a Scene From “Foul Play” For “Charlie’s Angels” Audition

Drew: First of all Sam and I did ‘Charlie’s Angels’ together.

Sam: Do you remember the audition for that, do you remember what it was?

Drew: Of course I do.

Sam: It was the scene from ‘Foul Play.’

Drew: So we did Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn. We pulled pages out of the old script of ‘Foul Play’ and read the scene together.

Sam: And we had a boombox, we did a little dance together.

Drew: You are always dancing. Sam is the best dancer and if you see Sam in a movie he will be dancing.


Drew and Sam on Using Fake Names to Get into Playboy Mansion with Justin Long

Sam: Daisy Duke was that your name at the Playboy?

Drew: We made up names for ourselves to go to the Playboy Mansion. Were you Dimitrious Fontaine?

Sam: Yes, that’s right. You were Daisy Duke?

Drew: No I don’t think so. Wasn’t Justin Long like Chuckles McGee? Which is not a sexy name at all.

Sam: But it won your heart.

Drew: Okay I remember the night, I was dating this guy who was the classic, he’s just not that into you guy. I was all in and he wasn’t. So Sam was like, ‘Listen we’re taking you for drinks,’ so I show up in my leather gloves I got all dressed up and I showed up for drinks with you and Justin and that’s the night I fell in love with Justin. He comes on the show, Kate comes on the show, they’re the best couple.

Sam: They’re really a great couple. She’s a sweetheart.


Sam Had a Backup Date Planned on First Date with His Partner of 17 Years Leslie Bibb

Drew: Is it true that even on your first date with Leslie you had a backup plan?

Sam: It’s true.

Drew: You had like a second date planned?

Sam: It’s true and she loves to remind me of that.

Drew: How did she even find out?

Sam: Well she knew instinctively because it was a day date, we were going to this museum. She said she hadn’t been drinking for awhile and then she said, ‘Let’s go to El Compadre,’ and I was like, ‘Are you sure?’ after the day date, and I said, ‘Alright let me go get my cigarettes and I gotta go tell my friend Leif,’ and she knew that I had a backup date. I had like a nighttime date.

Drew: In those days you probably had to go hit a pay phone, call the girl and give an excuse. And Leslie caught you.

Sam: Yeah she caught me. And then we went and got margaritas and salsa and chips.