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Photo Credit: The Drew Barrymore Show/Ash Bean     

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Bryce on “Parenthood” Being Her First Acting Experience, How Her Mom Has Kept Her Family Grounded & Her Dad Proposing 3 Times

Drew:…It’s a masterpiece.

Bryce: Thank you. It’s totally based on my family, like way too much.

Drew: Is it true that you’re also in it?

Bryce: Yeah when I was seven-years-old I got to be an extra in ‘Parenthood’ and it was the first thing that I ever got to do and it was amazing. What was really funny was the fact that my dad chose the first time that I was getting to be an extra it was a night shoot for three nights.

Drew: By the way how do you think you and your dad have come to conclusions or lived a life true to being yourself?

Bryce: I grew up very sheltered and protected, and it’s really my mom, my mom and my dad have been together since they were sixteen and she’s a force of nature. She solo’d her first plane when she was sixteen…she’s a very distinctive, tough lady. She’s a writer , she write esoteric science fiction, she’s so unapologetically herself and she in a way raised my dad to be that way. She’s kept him so honest and real.

Drew:…How did your parents meet?

Bryce: High school. While they had an incredible relationship in high school, he proposed three times and she said no two of them. Because she was like I want to go to school first.


Bryce Plays Behind-the-Scenes and Reveals She Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant on “Spiderman 3,” and the Dangerous Vampire Run in “Twilight”

Drew: Okay ‘Spiderman 3.’

Bryce: Oh my gosh didn’t know it at the time but I was pregnant and ironically my son is blonde. He’s almost seventeen years old so this is almost seventeen years ago.

Drew: ‘Jurassic World.’

Bryce: ‘Jurassic World.’ One thing that was really absurd and I can say this because the makeup artist I worked with is here today, in this movie there was a scene that was cut where I smear dinosaur poop all over myself and the funny is that I go too far and so Vivian had to figure out like, we kinda were like I think that scene is gonna be cut but what if it’s not. So she was like, ‘How can we tell this story without you with dinosaur poop on your face for the rest of this movie and still have it work,’ and that’s why she’s an Oscar winner.

Drew: Okay last one, ‘Twilight.’

Bryce: I was a crazy ‘Twilight’ fan so just getting to be in ‘Twilight’ was totally a crazy, surreal experience. The most dangerous day on that set was, we got to learn the vampire run and if you look at the vampire run it’s the same exact run as the Tom Cruise run as fast as humanly possible. So I was doing the vampire run on a treadmill that was attached to the back of a truck that was driving very fast through the forest and I remember doing this run and the car just going so fast and I was tied onto this thing and I was like, ‘It’s okay if I go this way. This is cool this is a great story.’


Bryce Dallas Howard On Drew Representing Female Power

Bryce: Storytelling is awesome and its powerful and the industry is getting stronger and stronger by the day and more and more inclusive and you represent that in many ways Drew. There was one time that I saw you, I’m a very enthusiastic person, I’m a very emotional person. I saw you once when you were doing ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and you were walking in and you had blonde and you were this big and there were all these men around you who were this big and you were like, ‘Guys I am so excited for this screening. This is gonna be amazing.’ You represented female power and to see female power have such lightness and joy…I was like, ‘Oh my god I don’t have to play it cool ever.’ Because I can’t. So thank you for just being so yourself from day one.