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Photo Credit: The Drew Barrymore Show/Ash Bean  

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Michelle Pfeiffer on the Black Eye She Got While Playing Pickleball

Drew: You always look so beautiful.

Michelle: Have you seen my Instagram?

Drew: Yes in fact I wanted to bring that up. You had a black eye recently.

Michelle: I still have a black eye. The funny thing is the first time I was supposed to come on the show I had a stye so I thought, ‘I can’t go. Who knows what they’re gonna say about me.’…Last Thursday I’m playing pickleball, ball hits me in the eye, first thing I thought, ‘I’m gonna have to cancel Drew again.’

Drew: Who were you playing pickleball with, what is it your amazing husband David Kelly?

Michelle: No I do play with my amazing husband David Kelly, but I was playing with my sisters…and it was Lori’s friend who hit me. He was horrified of course. He couldn’t speak to me he couldn’t even look at me.


 Michelle on the First Blind Date with Her Now Husband That Turned into a Group Date Where They Didn’t Speak

Drew: Is it true that when you met your husband, or you were being set up on a blind date and you actually thought that maybe he and your sister would make a good match.

Michelle: I did. Well, only because he wasn’t speaking to me. And somehow I did a bad thing.

Drew: Where were you on this blind date?

Michelle: So it was a blind date but I decided it should be a group date. I still don’t know why that’s a bad idea. I was anxious…it didn’t go well though because we were in this restaurant and there were eight of us and somehow he ended up sitting across from my sister and I ended up sitting across from his best friend. We didn’t speak the whole night and then he left early to go to another party and I thought, ‘Okay that went well.’ Then he actually finally called me two days later, that was also not okay. He called and we ended up talking on the phone for an hour and it just went like that.


Drew & Michelle Play Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare Edition Sharing Embarrassing Stories

Michelle: I never liked this game growing up….I like the dares better actually because I don’t like divulging information.

Ross: Truth, okay tell us an embarrassing story that happened at a celebrity’s house.

Michelle: I don’t go to a lot of celebrities’ houses.

Drew: Neither do I. I did go to one celebrity’s house and her and her partner kept talking about sex toys the whole time.

Michelle: That’s awkward.


Drew & Michelle Play Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare Edition and Michelle Has to Lick Broccoli

Drew: Okay spin the bottle one more time.

Michelle: I never got to kiss the boy I liked when I played this.

Ross:…We have to blindfold