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Megan Fox Explains the Meaning of Her Poem Entitled “Unrealized Potential”

Drew: Can I read you the poem that made me have to put the book down and think for a while?

Megan: Yeah I would love that.

Drew:…I will always be in love with the man that you’ll never become, and the poem is called, ‘Unrealized Potential.’ Can I ask you what this poem is about?

Megan: I think that could be applied to many people throughout my life but I think when you’re in a relationship with somebody who you see so much potential in, and you connect to their soul, and you know who they could be or should be, and because of their childhood traumas or own issues they’re not able to be who they were meant to be or they can be and they operate at a lower frequency of where they should be. And they were a wear a mask of somebody that’s not who they can be to you. And you know that they could treat you better and the love could be so much stronger…but because they’re not willing to get the help they’ll never be their best self. So you could stay and forever be in love with who they could possibly become one day, or you could move on and it’s a gamble because you don’t want to waste your life and your time waiting for someone to grow into themselves…a think a lot of us do that we’re in love with the potential and not the reality.


Megan on Attracting Partners That Resemble Her Parents and Their Relationship

Megan: I wouldn’t say that I got to a point where now I always enter a relationship fully realized, I don’t, because I’m constantly attracting, partnerships and relationships are places where you have to face the shadow of your childhood traumas and the shadow of your belief system about relationships that you watched in your parents and I have very specific ones based on my parents so I’m always attracting to myself a version of my stepfather or a version of my mother.

Drew: And what is that?

Megan: My stepfather, he’s passed on now, he was a very impulsive and aggressive, very verbally, mentally, and emotionally abusive, and my mother who is still with us, and I don’t want to drag my mother but my mother I perceived her to be passive and wasn’t as protective of me as she should be. And so I think I either will attract a partner who brings the overly masculine, rage element and then I become my mother in that relationship or I attract a partner who plays the role of my mother and that awakens a shadow in me where I become very rebellious and I resist and push against the relationship from that angle.

Drew: I’m so amazed to hear…are you in therapy?

Megan: Yeah I’ve been in therapy a long time.

Drew: The key words you’re using, I have been someone who entered all of my relationships hedonistic and then incredibly stubborn. I loved the drama, I loved the butterflies…

Megan: That’s the greatest addiction of all time. Nothing can replace that. The endorphins can’t be replaced from a dramatic relationship like that. It’s easy to get addicted to like that.


Megan on Her Rebellious Youth & Being Addicted To Falling In Love and How That Changed After Having Kids

Drew: And you’re a mom and you have three incredible children. What is it when it comes to your kids, what side of the woman does that represent?

Megan: When I was young I was really rebellious and wild and was always running away to fall in love with a new love, every costar, I was just a free spirit, I was addicted to the falling in love, and I think I probably hurt a lot of people in that process too because a lot of people have been in love with me and I did not respect or honor that, and then when I had kids something happened in me where because I didn’t want to repeat my childhood it was so, I think it’s a major part of my soul’s journey in this lifetime to not repeat my parents’ pattern with my kids. And I was always very aware of that and so this selfless person was born when I birthed my first child.


Final Five: Megan Reveals the Worst Thing She’s Done To An Ex, A Tattoo She Regrets, the Weirdest Gift She’s Ever Received & More

Drew: What is the worst thing you’ve done to an ex?

Megan: I don’t know if that’s something I can say on TV. When I was young and I did have a temper and I was wild I got mad and I took a bunch of paint and I painted a Friedrich Nietzsche quote all over his wall so he had to repaint his house afterwards. It was like a really angry quote about like how life is futile, you suck basically. So he had to repaint the bedroom. That’s on a scale of one to ten that’s like a two but that’s what I can share. That gives you an idea of what I was capable of.

Drew: Do you have any tattoos that you regret?

Megan: Oh that’s interesting I just got one that I don’t like that I have to rework and it’s me entire arm. And I think just as you get older you regret them because they just don’t look good anymore, they oxidize and spread.

Drew: Weirdest gift a boyfriend ever gave you?

Megan: This is weird because it’s just so unlike my personality, I’m not into technology at all. I’m a nature girl and somebody got me a mug that you can heat up from your iPhone and I was like that has no place in my life you obviously don’t understand who I am. 

Drew: This is a new one for me, a HILF…a historical figure you’d like to…

Megan: Wow that’s an interesting question. If I had to give an answer I guess I would say Elvis.