The Drew Barrymore Show: "JAM IN THE VAN" HOST PAULY SHORE

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Pauly Shore & Drew Reminisce on Their 80’s Crew & Hanging Out at The Comedy Store

Drew: My mom was a waitress at The Comedy Store.

Pauly: ...In Westwood, yeah. Drew has obviously been in the business her whole life. She was a little kid, and her mom was trying to make ends meet. And then there were times where your mom was off doing what she was doing, I guess with Richard Pryor or Robin or whoever was there, Red Foxx maybe.

Drew: Exactly, Buddy Hackett...

Pauly: ...Michael Keaton, we could go back to Soupy Sales if you want. So I met Drew when we were very young. And then Donovan Leitch, Iona Skye and Brad Pitt and David Arquette, and we all kind of started at the same time.

Drew: We were a real '80s LA crew.

Pauly: I just think it's awesome that me and her are still alive.


Drew Reveals Her Character Mitzy Bananamore is in Honor of Pauly’s Mom 

Drew: I actually make a character in this show, Mitzy Bananamore and it is in honor of your mom.

Pauly: …I’m just telling you what she used to say about you and I’m not just making this up because I’m here. When you asked me to be on your show I was so happy because all these emotions started coming to me for a lot of reasons. I was also just so in love with my mom, my mom she was everything to me and when she passed it’s been really hard, and it is still really hard for me knowing that she’s not here. Every time she’d see you she would be like, ‘Oh my God she’s so funny.’ She just thought you were just really funny and she always said really nice things about you.

Drew: To rate on your mom’s comedy scale in any sense of the word is the honor of my life Pauly.


Pauly on Matthew Perry’s Passing

Drew: Pauly you look great, you look fantastic.

Pauly: I don't know, I've been through a lot. I've seen a lot, I've travelled a lot, and I'm very lucky and I'm very fortunate. You see this Matthew Perry thing and it just breaks my heart. A lot of people have an addiction problem and I thank God that I don't have that gene where I have to go out and keep drinking and I never had that, and I'm very fortunate that I never had that, which is why I think I'm okay right now. My father had it, he was an alcoholic and he's been sober 40 years...I have this saying I came up with years ago, "Dance with the devil but don't become the devil," meaning its okay to put your foot in the party but don't become the party.

Drew: How did you know to do that? I didn't.

Pauly: I didn't know, it's just something in my body that doesn't make me want to keep drinking or keep partying or going out. I also take care of myself, I go to the gym when I'm at home...I just try to take care of myself.

Drew: And it shows.


Pauly Proposes to Drew

Pauly: What Drew doesn't know is that my mother wasn't happy when you married Tom Green...She said to me, "Pauly, Drew should marry you."

Drew: That's how Mitzi felt?

Pauly: No that's how I feel today...That's why I came here tonight, on this glorious night, to present you with a ring.

Drew: Are you proposing Pauly?

Pauly: Might as well, right? I mean it makes sense...