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Air Date: Thursday, March 16th  

Photo Credit: The Drew Barrymore Show/Ash Bean

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VIDEOS:Paris Hilton on Her Son Phoenix & What His Name Represents

Drew: How is your baby boy?

Paris: He is a little angel. I’m so obsessed with him, my whole heart feels so full. I feel like my life is so complete now.

Drew: Is it true that you kept this one to yourself?

Paris: I just feel that my life has been so public and I just wanted this for myself. I didn’t want to have to deal with the media and people online talking about my son before he came into this world safe and healthy and happy.

Drew: So you did it your way. Why do you think that this was so different?

Paris: I just feel that this is a whole new phase of my life, and even with his name Phoenix, I feel like this is all about transforming and becoming a new person and growing in ways that I couldn’t even imagine before.

Drew & Paris Take A Walk Down Memory Lane, “People don’t know what fun is today I feel like.”

Drew: Okay that’s you literally walking out of jail. That’s me partying, they had to black out the cigarettes…here we are party girls. That was fun.

Paris: That was so fun. People don’t know what fun is today I feel like.

Drew:…You’re watching this evolution, look at us now.

Paris: So grown up.

Paris on Why She Has Five Phones & One to Make Prank Calls with Her Mom Kathy

Drew: Is it true that you have five phones and there’s a reason for that?

Paris: Yes one is for business, one is for friends, one is for Europe, one’s for when people ask for my number and I feel bad and don’t want to give them nothing so I say that number and the last one is for prank calls.

Drew: That you make to other people?

Paris: Yes.

Drew: What is a Paris Hilton prank phone call please?

Paris: It’s mostly my mom. She’s the one who taught me and she is so good at it. We’ll have parties at the house and everyone will end up in the den making prank calls for hours.

Paris on Her Relationship With Her Mom Today

Drew: How did you feel about your mom writing this book?

Paris: It’s been extremely emotional. I talk about things in this book that I’ve never told my closest friends, my family, no one. She read it and she’s just been really sad. We were talking about it the other day and she was just crying, saying, ‘I had no idea what you went through.’ It just broke her heart, and my mom, we’ve never been closer and being an adult now, especially being a mom and seeing how protective I already am, and my parents were lied to, they thought that I was being sent to a normal boarding school but these places deceived them and that’s why I’ve been using my voice to make change and we’ve changed laws in eight states so far.

Drew & Paris on Britney’s Wedding Photo Going Viral

Drew: The last time we were together in person we were at Britney’s wedding….do you know how many memes are on that photo…did you ever think that moment would go so crazy viral?


Paris: No. It’s so iconic. It was so fun. Britney looks so gorgeous.