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Air Date: Monday, March 13th  

Photo Credit: The Drew Barrymore Show/Ash Bean

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Drew & Eva Longoria on Skinny Dipping, 

Drew: Have you ever gone skinny dipping and if so, where?  

Eva: Oh my god, yes. I grew up skinny dipping. I grew up on a ranch so we were always naked. We were always naked and we didn’t go in like a lake we went where the cows drank the water, like that was our pool. 

Drew: What about as an adult?  

Eva: Have I gone skinny dipping as an adult? Probably. Yeah, hotels. No, you guys don’t do that?  

Drew: No I’m just thinking we should take a vacation together.  

Eva: Have you gone skinny dipping?  

Drew: Every chance I get.  

Eva: I don’t like clothes… 

Drew: You have the ability to hear every single thing that anyone has ever said about you good or bad, but once you start you can’t stop. Would you want to hear it or say pass?

Eva: Pass. In my head I think people like me.

Drew: Oh that’s so good. That’s so healthy. Do you like you in your head?

Eva: I do, I love me.


Dylan Mulvaney on Celebrating 365 Days as A Girl & Laverne Cox’s Advice

Drew: Laverne Cox, you met her, but what she said to you wasn’t what I thought she was going to say to you. What was it?  

Dylan: She said to keep some things private for myself and I couldn’t agree more in the way that there were a few moments this year where I was like, ‘Was I actually ready to say that?’ But now since meeting her and having that moment I go, ‘Okay what would Laverne do?’ and I actually have stopped myself from making a few videos to make sure that I was actually ready to talk about those things.  

Drew: And how does it feel, has that wisdom guided you in ways that you’re glad you heard it or you’re still figuring that out?  

Dylan: Still figuring it out but I think back to my childhood self and I think about if I was following myself on TikTok as a young kid what would I want to hear, or you know so much of my audience is a younger demographic and I would love to show transness in a way that we haven’t seen it before because I figured when I came out that I might have to go into hiding and do all my surgeries privately and change my name and I instead decided, ‘Hey let me see if the world is willing to accept me this way from day one’ and they did.  


Dylan on Lady Gaga Following Her & Combatting The Hatred

Drew: You have some really supportive interesting followers, I’m just gonna kick it off with Lady Gaga. 

Dylan: Oh my gosh I love her. I had the ‘Born This Way’ ball poster on my wall and now every video there’s a little something from her and I can’t wait to meet her. That’s the best part I will say, there’s so much hatred and drama, and things get convoluted but getting to meet my role models, even you today, is like the best part not gonna lie.  

Drew: Let me ask you about the negativity, how have you dealt with it and what’s an approach you take…? 

Dylan: I still read the comments, but there’s so much hatred directed at the trans community right now…and I think the greatest weapon I can contribute is trans joy and comedy, and talking about hard subjects and intricate moments of a transition and try to let everybody see that I’m not a monster, I’m not somebody that’s trying to do anything but be myself and be happy.

Damson Idris Marries Drew’s Doll Courtney

Drew: Is it true that your sister did something with you in a tuxedo?  

Damson: So when I was a kid my mother would always dress me in these tuxedos for my birthday…but what was borderline insane is my sister, she would make me marry her doll Wendy. I’ve been married many times.  

Drew: In honor of your sister, would you ever consider marrying a doll in a tuxedo right now?