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Air Date: Monday, January 23rd    




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Sam Smith on the Meaning Behind The Body Shop & Their New Album “Gloria” 

Drew: What does daddy do at the body shop? 

Sam: Oh my gosh. That’s the best question I’ve ever been asked. He does something unholy.  

Drew: Is that what it means because the body shop took on so many meanings like your body, something obviously very fluid and sensual? 

Sam: Yeah I had a child come up to me the other day in Sydney with her mum and the mum was like, ‘My child sings barber shop instead of body shop,’ because it’s a baby. It shouldn’t be singing these filthy things. So I’m happy for people to decide what they want it to be. 

Drew: And this album, ‘Gloria,’ is different for you.  

Sam: Yes. I mean my first album I was twenty years old. I was a drama queen and I was in and out of relationships and I loved singing about heartbreak and all of my albums are like diaries and the truth is the last three, four years I’ve been making this I’ve been incredibly single and I grew to love it and enjoy it. And I’ve managed to start feeling a joy and happiness that I’ve never felt before. I just turned thirty and something like left me when I turned thirty. I stopped caring what people think as much. I’m excited to share.  


Pop Quiz: Sam Reveals Their Craziest Fan Encounter, First Celeb Crush, Spice Girls Name & More 

Sam: Craziest fan encounter. It was very odd, I was outside a venue and they gave me a sauce pan and inside the frying pan was an envelope and inside the envelope was a mobile phone and then on a letter it just said, ‘Meet me in the library tomorrow.’  

Drew: Did you go?  

Sam: No. Absolutely not. But I’ve always wanted to know what went down at the library. 

Drew:…Who was your first ever celebrity crush?  

Sam: Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Titanic’…If you could be transformed into any cartoon character who would it be? Ursula.  

Drew: I love that answer. What would your Spice Girls name be?  

Sam: Chubby. Yeah Chubby Spice. It’s a cute thing. Or Juicy Spice. Cheesy Spice, Tuna Spice. What would yours be?  

Drew: I’d be naughty spice.  


Sam Once Had a Job in London Cleaning Toilets at a Bar 

Drew: There was a time where I was working in this coffee house and I cleaned the toilets, I cleaned the bakery cases and I met the delivery man at six am, and so I saw that detail and I was wondering what was that job?  

Sam: It was a bar job in London. Just really crazy early hours cleaning toilets, deliveries, it was fabulous. I enjoyed it too. I was definitely desperate to get out of it though. But as soon as the music career started to work out I was like, ‘Thank god.’