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Brendan Reveals “The Whale” Director Darren Aronofsky Gifted Him A Whale Ring in Venice

Drew: Oh my goodness is that ring a whale?

Brendan: It is. Darren gave this to me. I’ve worn it since I was in Venice for the premiere of ‘The Whale.’ This was on my script when we first started shooting ‘The Whale’ and I was really quite moved by it, by that gesture, and it made me feel more and more like it’s incumbent upon me to do it with as much dignity and respect as I possibly can, given that this is a man who is described on paper as having six hundred pounds of body weight and I knew that needing to play the character from the inside out, which was what I already know how to do, but from the outside in would be a construct of any other character that you would play that was maybe a creature, or an animal, or an alien. But this was the prosthetic process…


Brendan Fraser on Taking A Pause from Acting

Drew: I’ve taken pauses in my life, particularly when I had children. What were the pauses you took, was being a parent a big part of stepping back for a while, because that was it for me.

Brendan: Yes. I mean that’s a given. You only want to do what’s best for your kids, and in my case I needed to reevaluate the journey that I was on. I needed to attend some physical issues with bones and muscles. You know, we’re all growing older and it also means you’re growing a little bit wiser too. I wanted to work smart instead of work hard as it were, and now when I make these movies I’m like, ‘Hey stuntman, you’re going to be awesome in this shot. Go get it killer.’

Drew: That’s exactly my journey too, like I’m so injured I had to sit at restaurants in one those like tush donuts and they’re mistakably for hemorrhoids, so I’d come into the restaurant like, ‘It’s not a hemorrhoid, it’s a broken tailbone.’

Brendan:…I would’ve been like, ‘It’s hemorrhoids people. Wanna see?’


Brendan on Being A Single Dad

Drew: Speaking of priorities changing, I also became a single mother having kids. You are a single dad, how did you navigate that? I’m still trying to figure it out seven years later.

Brendan: Yeah have a great relationship with your partner, and that way you’ll never not put your kids first.

Drew: I think I want to put them first so badly I don’t know how to make room for anyone else.

Brendan: At the tender age of fifty-four right now I feel like I’m coming into my own after all these years, but I wouldn’t have been able to were it not for them and the trial and error that you make along the way.


Brendan Plays Behind the Scenes and Dishes on “The Mummy” “School Ties” and More

Drew: Okay, fly on the wall moment, first thing that comes to your mind, something we didn’t know, ‘Encino Man.’

Brendan: Linkavitch Chomofsky, or Encino man, also known as, was played in the director’s reel, to get a greenlight to make the movie by none other than Ben Stiller.

Drew:…Okay, ‘School Ties.’

Brendan: I think that it was a film that came out at an important time in American history. It was released when there were people taking to the streets in outrage for clear good reason in Los Angeles because of the discord that comes from how we don’t get along with one another and this film was an example of what happens when we have less understanding and more open communication and it gave us an example of how we need to learn to get along with one another.

Drew:…’The Mummy.’

Brendan: We had no idea if this film was a horror film, a comedy film, a straight-ahead action film, a romance, an epic and then just decided, well all of it. Let them decide. I guess they liked it.

Drew: We used to have a genre called caper and technology ruined the caper because now you can just call and be like, ‘Run for your life, they’re coming for you.’ Instead we had to get to the thing to save it.

Brendan: …And it wasn’t in front of a piece of green cloth.

Drew: Exactly. I never could succeed at that.

Brendan: You went to the place.

Drew: If I had to act to a tennis ball I would fail miserably.

Brendan: I’m really good at it…I happen to be really good at it. You know why, because in ‘The Mummy Returns,’ Dwayne the Rock Johnson was just a piece of tape on a stick…


Drew & Brendan Recreate a Scene from “Blast from the Past”