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Air Date: Monday, January 16th   





Tracee Ellis Ross on Her Recent Thirst Trap Photo

Drew: I just saw a picture of you in a bikini in Jamaica. Your body is so beautiful.

Tracee: You are very kind.

Drew: I was like, you are a thirst trap photo if I’ve ever seen one.

Tracee: It was beyond a thirst trap.

Drew: It made me think inappropriate thoughts, but I was like well you know what if you looked that good in a bikini, yes you’re in like a full water setting.

Tracee: Angles and lighting. Did you see the video of me trying to make the video?

Drew: No.

Tracee: There’s a video of me trying to take that picture, because I usually do these first dip videos where I like dive in the pool and I have the little selfie camera set up, and I’m like, ‘This is me getting in the water for the first time.’ I got in the water in the lagoon and I thought something was gonna eat me and I literally was like a horror film. I thought this was gonna be the last video of the phone left on the side of the thing and I’ve been taken away by some sort of creature from the lagoon.

Drew: One minute it’s do it for the gram, the next minute it’s piranha 3D.

Tracee: My feeling is, especially having turned 50, document it, like let me see it. Especially because a friend of mine said to me, ‘Your body ten years from now is what you’re gonna wish you have and that’s what you’re gonna keep doing.’


Tracee on Why Her Text Thread with Her Girlfriends is Called Keanu Forever

Tracee: We have a text thread that is called Keanu Forever.

Drew: For Keanu Reeves?

Tracee: Yeah.

Drew: Okay how did that start, what is that origin story?

Tracee: We’re all in the same age range and we grew up on Keanu, I mean come on it’s Keanu. I was in an elevator with him and when he got on the elevator, I was like, ‘Oh my god I’m about to get married,’ and I was like okay well I could say hi or I could just wait for him to say hello and I was going back and forth and then the doors opened and he walked out. Nothing happened. I didn’t even say hi. I didn’t even say hello I love you, I’ve loved you forever, my name is Tracee I would like to have babies with you. I didn’t say anything….


Tracee on Her Mom, International Treasure Diana Ross

Drew: Your mom, do people get emotional when they talk about her, because she is so meaningful?

Tracee: Some do. Yeah I mean she is, I like to say, an international treasure. She’s a treasure and I think the most magical thing about my mom is that she’s an incredible mom, but from a career standpoint, she just broke so many barriers and really set an example for me as her child that anything is possible if you do the work.

Drew: Do you have the kind of relationship, like when you’re with her do you lie down on her bed, do you sit in pajamas and eat breakfast, is she fabulous?

Tracee: She’s just mom. She makes breakfast in the morning. No, my mom is such a mom.


Tracee on Meeting Prince at His Concert in Her Youth

Drew: Is it true that you hung out with Prince too?

Tracee: Well I didn’t hangout with Prince, but we went, as a kid, we went to Madison Square Garden and saw Prince and my mom was with me and my sisters and then we were backstage and he came to say hello to us and he said hello and I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is crazy this is Prince,’ and then he turned to walk away and he was wearing chaps but his booty was out. His tush was just out and I literally looked at my mom I was like, ‘That is disgusting,’ and she was like, ‘I don’t know it’s kinda hot.’