Air Date: Wednesday, September 28th  



 Photo Credit: The Drew Barrymore Show/Ash Bean

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Serena Williams Tells Drew What She Does on Her Rest Days

Drew: When you let loose, what does it look like? What’s a lazy day in your world, like what do you do?

Serena: So you mean like food wise or just my whole day?

Drew: Everything.

Serena: I’ll try to wake up late but it’s hard to wake up late when you have a kid. It’s like nearly impossible. I literally just had to ignore Olympia this day because I was exhausted, I literally slept for like almost a day it was crazy. I would sleep in and then I love to watch lots of TV shows, I’m big on bingeing…anything cheesy I don’t like serious stuff, I love action because it’s fast and it usually has happy endings. I love a happy ending…

Serena’s Guilty Pleasure of Baking with Gluten

Drew: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Serena: So, I love to bake and I refuse to bake gluten free…so I absolutely love baking and I just draw the line, I do not bake gluten free and I will eat it and I just suffer for a few hours then I’m good.

Drew: Do you like baking with your daughter?

Serena: I do. Actually, I do not…I do, and I really love it, but she puts things everywhere… I’m teaching her now that she’s a little older, I’m like, ‘Be careful because if you make a mess you have to clean it up,’ and then she fell in love with the vacuum cleaner.

Serena Tried to Get Her Husband to Go Away the First Time They Met

Serena: So we were at this restaurant and it was at the hotel we were staying at and this guy shows up and the whole place is empty, and this guy is like really tall, he comes with his computer and he plops down right next to us and he opens his computer and he starts typing and I’m just like, ‘Why?’ I was so angry. I was like, ‘Why is this guy here?’ and so we tried to get rid of him. We tried to get rid of him my friend was like, ‘There’s a rat over there’…and Alexis looks and doesn’t flinch and I’m like, ‘You’re not afraid of rats’ and he’s like, ‘No. I’m from Brooklyn. But is there really even a rat there?’ …So yeah that’s how we met I was just trying to get rid of him….

Serena on Her First Date with Her Husband

Drew: Did you have an official first date and what was that?

Serena: Yes, so we had a first date. I was joking I was like…’You need to come to Paris to see me play for real’ and I literally did not want him to come. I was not thinking about it that way or anything and then he’s like, ‘Oh yeah I’ll be there’ and I was like, ‘Oh man what have I gotten myself into?’ but it was good. We met in Rome our first date was in Paris….I’m a hopeless romantic too.