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Lea Michele’s Dad & Best Friend Jonathan Both Got Emotional During Her First Performance in “Funny Girl”

Drew: At the end, I was crying really hard and I was sniveling but there was a gentleman behind me who was crying too.

Lea: Was it my father?

Drew: It was your father I found out, and I was relieved because he was giving me permission to feel my feelings only to meet him after the show and realize it was your father.

Lea: I know, my father was so emotional. He was so nervous to see the show that I, he was like, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t sit in the seats maybe I should just pace in the back of the theater during the show.’

Drew: You’re like, ‘That might be good or not, I’m not sure.’

Lea: But actually, I sat at the desk at the top of the show and I started singing the first few notes of the first song and I immediately heard my best friend Jonathan hysterically crying and I was like, ‘Oh my god, he’s gonna cry the entire show.’ It was really emotional for everyone.


Lea Michele on Meeting Her Husband and Experiencing a Real Sense of Grounding After Her Pregnancy

Drew: When you met your husband, and your child’s father, were you like, ‘This is who I can do this with?’

Lea: We were friends for a while at first, we met at our best friends’ wedding, he was friends with the groom and I was friends with the bride.

Drew: I mean that’s out of a movie meeting at a wedding.

Lea: I know, it was very cute. But it’s like I just can see things clearly, it’s all about my career, you know I’ve been so career focused my entire life, I think to a fault. I think that I had just this sense of drive that created a lot of blind spots for me in my life and then when I met my husband like I said it was a real sense of grounding for me and then having our son and experiencing the challenges that we did throughout the pregnancy was something that unfortunately created a stronger bond in us that I would never wish on anybody, but it did. But the fact that we were able to sort of get through all of that and how it then transformed us into this new life here, and when you’re given a great opportunity as I have been with this, which I’m so incredibly grateful for as a performer, as a person, I just feel like what I do now with this is on me and how I handle this, and I’m really ready to take all of this on and do a great show every night but also have fun with my cast, come home and celebrate with my family, which is something I never did before and I’m really enjoying being able to open my eyes to everything that’s going on around me because it’s all good and if it’s not fun then why do we do it?


Drew & Lea on Using Past Loss For Emotional Scenes

Drew: When I’m crying in a scene, I’m thinking about my dad. I’m thinking about loss, I’m thinking about stuff. Even talking about it now, it just comes right up. I’m not like, ‘I’m going to cry because the scene calls for it.’ I go there. Do you go there?

Lea: Of course. I mean I have a whole bag of things I can pull from, it’s like what are we going to use today? Yeah and it’s this arc, it’s this extreme sense of loss, it’s this, you know when she looks in the mirror during ‘Funny Girl’ and she’s just, ‘Did you hear that? Funny, that’s all you are, you’re just this funny girl.’ And when you’re a funny girl you just gotta be tough and you gotta take what people throw at you and I certainly get that. But then she says, ‘I guess we didn’t make it. Well, at least I didn’t fake it, at least I held my ground, at least I gave it everything.’ And then it’s like okay, you think it’s over but we are gonna pick ourselves up right now and we’re going to dig down deep to that strength that is somewhere in there and we’re gonna go and that’s what I do.


Lea Michele on Discovering Her Own Voice at Her First Audition

Drew: Where did you discover your own voice, what was the moment?

Lea: So I never sang before and my friend at the time, I was born in the Bronx, my mom was a nurse, my father owned a deli, no one in my family was performers we were a very lower middle class family and my friend at the time came from a family that was much more affluent and they would take me to go see shows and there was an open call for the Broadway show, ‘Les Mis’ in our hometown and she wanted to go but the night before the audition her father had a heart attack and her mom called my mom and said, ‘Could you take Chloe to the audition? This is her dream.’ So my mom was like, ‘Tomorrow, we’re going to take Chloe to the audition,’ and I was like, ‘Well I’m going to audition too.’ It wasn’t so much that I knew or thought I could sing, I think it was just that the idea of doing that in front of other people didn’t scare me, like I think that that’s the connection that I felt.

Drew: Okay good so you’re fearless, but how do you know you got the pipes?

Lea: I didn’t until I went in the room and they told me that I got the part.

Drew: Was the first time you sang out loud and like really went for it…?

Lea: On a Broadway stage at the Imperial Theater in 1996, and then it was like I’ll never forget, I got the part and then I went to my father’s deli and then I sat behind the counter with him while he made sandwiches…


Danny DeVito on Working with Drew and Her Kind Gesture to Him

Danny: My glasses are always full of my thumbprints and I remember the first time, I was fidgeting with my glasses and you leapt up and you grabbed my glasses and I said, ‘What are you gonna?’ and you said, ‘I’ll be right back,’ and you went off somewhere and came back and I put the glasses on and I could see for the first time. I remember that like it was yesterday. It was like a real, kind thing for you to do…


Drew Reveals She Left a List of People She’s Been with At Danny’s House

Drew: So, I was producing the film with Ben, you were directing so we went to Danny’s house to do story notes. I was at that phase of my life where I was trying to make that list, you know that list of how many people have I been with…so in order to figure it out I wrote everybody’s name down on a piece of paper. I then left that piece of paper at your house. Did you ever come across it?

Danny: Well, as a matter of fact I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this. Some of the names are not… no I did and I did make a copy of it and it’s gonna be in my autobiography. No, I never came across it.

Drew: So you never saw it?

Danny: No I never saw it.


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