Air Date: Monday, September 19th 

Photo Credit: The Drew Barrymore Show/Ash Bean

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Drew Meets Lena Dunham’s Husband & Gets His Advice on Being Your Full Self While Dating

Drew: Is it true that your husband is here, is Luis here?

Lena: He’s in the audience.

Drew: Luis?

Lena: There’s the husband.

Drew: Hi Luis, I’m Drew. I’m so happy to meet you in person.

Luis: I’m so happy to meet you too.

Drew: I’m so happy that you’ve made someone who so deserves happiness happy.

Luis: She’s the best. What can I say, she’s my best friend the love of my life.

Lena: He allows me to be my full self…I always say if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone.

Drew: Is it true you’re about to have a year anniversary?

Lena: Yeah, next week, we’ve been married for a year.

Drew: May we all wish you ‘Happy Anniversary.’ May I ask you Luis, as advice for women who do want to be their full selves, sometimes you do it to yourself or you feel like you’re getting these messages that if we are our full selves or talk about what we really want, we are too much.

Luis: It means, you’re just it’s like a compliment, we should just be ourselves be total honest with whoever we are with. That’s the only way we can dissolve all the ego, get down to who we really are…

Lena Dunham & Drew on “Ever After” and How it Inspired “Catherine Called Birdy”

Drew: I cannot handle how much I love your new movie, ‘Catherine Called Birdy,’ I’m getting chills talking about it.

Lena: You angel. You know it was very, the reference I gave…think ‘Ever After’ but with more dirt and fewer teeth. Like think ‘Ever After’ except maybe there’s no boy at the end. It was like that performance, that world you created transported me and I wanted to make something that was a love letter to teenagers in the same way that that was, and excited their imaginations and so many of your films have done that for me but that was one that has really had an influence on this project.

Drew: That film really changed my life because I didn’t know what direction at the time I was going to take, I was you know been through a ton of crazy stuff, was sort of breaking back into the industry and I found ‘Ever After’’ and wanted to do that and I think these are such complimentary sister films.

Lena: I’m so glad you feel that because in ‘Ever After’ you can feel your thumbprints all over it and you can feel that it’s not a story that’s sort of like adult men in a corporate boardroom trying to decide what teenage girls might like, but it really comes from the heart and soul of women and young people…

Lena Dunham on Refusing to Smile During Audition for Penny Marshall

Drew: Did you have anything to do with ‘Riding in Cars with Boys?’

Lena: Yes.

Drew: Did you get to meet Penny Marshall?

Lena: I got to meet Penny Marshall because I got a callback, best moment of my life, even if at the moment I thought it was the worst moment of my life, because I didn’t get the role, by no fault of Penny Marshall’s it was me. I first auditioned to play the younger you and then they were like ‘Actually can you come back to audition to play Drew’s little sister.’ Show up to the audition and I got to come home from camp early, it was a huge deal because it was my callback and she had the girls lined up and she said, ‘State your name, your age, where you’re from and give me a smile.’ It was very like, ‘Give me a smile honey,’ and I was like, ‘My name’s Lena, I’m thirteen, I’m from Brooklyn and I don’t smile on command.’ And she looked at me and she was like, ‘It’s called acting honey,’ and like would you cast a thirteen-year-old who refused to smile in an audition if you ultimately needed them to listen to you on other things on the set of a movie? No.

Drew: Well maybe Lena you needed to do things your way because you were meant to forge your own path, you weren’t meant to do what others told you to do or what you thought you were supposed to do. You were put on this planet so far to help us all figure things out in a whole new perspective, so that’s what I think of that moment.


Drew’s News: Drew Was an Extra in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”

Drew: Fun fact, I was actually an extra in ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.’

Ross: No you were not.

Drew: Yeah, I was.

Ross: Did you guys know that? What scene are you in?

Drew: I just remember I had like a black headdress and a long sort of like plum colored outfit that was belted, very kind of Diane Keaton belting…

DIGITAL EXTRA: Lena on Being Honest & Upfront While Dating Her Now Husband

Drew: And I heard that you were really honest and upfront. You were like, ‘This is who I am. This is what I’ve been through. This is what I want. These are the things I’m looking for.’

Lena: That’s exactly right. I was very much like, ‘This is where you find me in my life.’ I think he was very much the same way, ‘This is where you find me. This is what I had to do to get here. These are the things that I struggle with and if this is something that you think you can handle, then great and if not, it’s been a pleasure.’ And what was amazing was at every stage as I told you things you were more and more open and more and more present. I had always experienced when I became more clear about what I was about other people constricting, and instead he just expanded and it’s totally miraculous and now all my friends who are having dating troubles come to him and it gives me such joy because when I say it you don’t believe me but when this gentleman with an English accent says it, people listen.