Air Date: Wednesday, September 14th 


Selma on Finding Joy & How Her Son Saved Her Life

Drew: Do you think you are happier after telling all your truths as a whole and on a daily basis?

Selma: Yes, yes, yes. I have joy like I’ve never known. Right now, today, with you. And it will be fleeting, it might go and today I can beat myself up about something, but I won’t. I stop and say 'you have a couple friends out there, like you really do Selma.' It’s changed. Life will change and sometimes it will be so scary. I wish I had someone that came down and said when I was little, ‘You will be okay, and you will be able to stop drinking.’ I had no idea I had hope until I saw my son, and I love him more than anything. And I think, ‘Oh God if he started drinking right now, or if he started doing the hurtful thing to girls that people did to me.’

Drew: Do you think if you hadn’t had Arthur?

Selma: I’d be dead.

Selma on “Legally Blonde’s” Original Ending & “Legally Blonde 3”

Drew: Was it true that there was a moment in ‘Legally Blonde’ that maybe Vivian Kensington and Elle Woods were going to sail off into the sunset.

Selma: Okay in my dreams, I didn’t write that, but no, someone had mentioned it because someone erroneously had thought so. But it did end originally with us together and Vivian had blonde hair. And so it was like, ‘Oh I am blonde now too. We are the lawyers club, and we are friends.’ We were obviously like best friend ending but of course the ending of her really moving and finding her strength without anyone, without changing. That was clearly a reshoot.

Drew: That was clearly a reshoot because I know the way, and Luke.

Selma: Oh my God, Luke was your boyfriend.

Drew: Yes.

Selma: Oh my God this is my nineties self going nuts. He was super cute.

Drew: I know, I mean we were probably dating other people at the same time. So cute. Wait ‘Legally Blonde 3,’ I’m really excited about it. Mindy Kaling.

Selma: I’m hoping. I mean all amazing.

Drew: Are you in if they.

Selma: Umm yeah, like as if I’d say no. I would say yes, I would beg maybe secretly. I’m thrilled for a cameo. I just want to be there….I want to enjoy it. I want to see this movie have this energy again because we need and love it. We really do.

Drew: You caught lighting in the bottle with that.

Selma on Sharing Her Experience with Sexual Assault in Her Memoir

Drew: I appreciate and applaud you for talking about in your book about the experiences you had because of drinking. I am talking about sexual experiences.

Selma: Letting yourself get so out of the picture that anyone even with their own messed up mind can do anything they want to you.

Drew: And the decision you make and things you do are not what you would do if you weren’t drunk.

Selma: No, oh I was a virgin other than people doing that to me. And then I didn’t want them to feel bad for raping me. Like you wake up and you’re like, ‘Am I supposed to tell him he’s nice?’

Drew: Did you tell yourself, I put myself here too?

Selma: Oh absolutely.

Drew: Yeah, me too.

Selma: And it’s only now from my mother perspective when I hear how it sounds for other girls listening. Yes, we have a personal responsibility to hope we can take care of ourselves but unfortunately young people don’t always know how.

Drew &Selma Blair on Being Bad Girls

Drew:Reading your book which there are so many parallels to my life. Basically I wanted to call this conversation of ours Mean Baby and the Bad Girl because.

Selma:You were the bad girl but you never were, you were always good, you were reckless maybe.

Drew:Well it’s interesting too because I went to Britney Spears wedding and then at one point we got into a conversation where somehow we are on the dance floor and I’m like, ‘Sometimes I just have this narrative in my head where like I say to myself, I’m a bad girl and it’s a narrative like I really fight.’ And she stopped and she looked at me and she goes, ‘Yeah but isn’t being bad fun also?’ Then she danced away and then for the rest of the night I wanted to get back to her and say, ‘I think I’ve gotten too far away from it.’

Selma:Right I can still enjoy things. Like that’s what I was looking for in being a bad girl. We weren’t looking to be bad, we were looking to have some fun, have our say, have some control. We just didn’t have a guidance thinking long term. You certainly did great, I certainly was more hit or miss but I made it to a safer place. 

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