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Regina Hall on Riding Rollercoasters with Her Friends After a Breakup

Drew: Is it true when you would have a breakup you would go ride a rollercoaster?

Regina: My friend Michelle, whenever we’d have a breakup we’d go to Six Flags…we’d go in the afternoon, go ride the rollercoasters and get like bad snacks and just have a day.

Drew: It also sounds like your girlfriends are so important to you.

Regina: Girlfriends are everything.

Drew: And you do trips with them?

Regina: I do whatever I can with them, when we can go, do trips and when we go do dinner…

Drew: I heard you went to Vegas with your girlfriends.

Regina: Yes.

Drew: What did you do?

Regina: We had dinner with Prince and he performed on a stage when he was in Vegas doing his show. I love love love Prince.


Regina on the Current Status of “Girls Trip 2”

Drew: What’s the word on ‘Girls Trip 2?’

Regina: So, ‘Girls Trip 2’ it’s being written. I know, I wish there was more, but I’ve been told it’s being written and I’m anxious to see where we’re all going to go, and where we are gonna be on this trip and what’s it gonna look like. I’ve heard like pieces of ideas of what they’re writing, which sounds fun.


Drew’s News: Method Acting & Abstaining From Sex For A Role

Ross: …Well, I get abstaining from sex, I did that my entire twenties.

Drew: I was like what’s wrong with me that six months doesn’t seem like a very long time. I was like, ‘Yeah so?’

Ross: Yeah, I mean we buried the lead there that’s a headline, Drew can go six months no big deal. But what about going no food, fasting for six months, this is like hardcore, do you have to do that as an actor that method thing?

Drew: There are lots of actors who have, Christian Bale, Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey, you do want to transform and fully commit, so I understand that. I definitely on certain projects, like when I was doing ‘Gray Gardens’ this film I did where I played this beloved real life woman Edie Beale…

Ross: Where you won the Golden Globe? I know.

Drew: …But I was so nervous I didn’t really chit chat with everybody on set, I just really stayed in character, or her.

Ross: That’s so unlike you because you’re a chit chatter.

Drew: I am, I’m really like side bar cool, up till the last second…


“Drewber” with Cameron Diaz: Drew and Cameron on What Movie They Would Remake Together and When They Knew They’d be Life Long Friends

Drew: Was there a moment that you knew that we would be life longers?

Cameron: I feel like we were always moving towards it from the minute we met, and it was just like not apparent until ‘Charlie’s Angels’ when we were in the thick of it together, where we were just like, ‘This works.’

Drew: Knowing you from fourteen and sixteen, if anyone needs to be like broken out of somewhere in the middle of the night in a very upsettingly remote location, this is your girl…you will show up.

Cameron: …Takes one to know one. We’re lifers.

Drew: …I just got a question that came to my head. If you had to remake any movie, what remake would you make?

Cameron: Oh, I don’t know that’s a really tough question.

Drew: For some reason, I know we’re in a car and I’ve talked to Adam Sandler about it, I just think ‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Cameron: The two of us? Let’s do it.

Drew: …One of these questions is, did you ever lie about liking anyone that I’ve dated? You’re incapable of doing that. It’s truth or nothing with you.

Cameron: I can take a hard stance on things, but hey I can be persuaded if it’s like, if you can give me a good argument, I would never lie about somebody that you were dating and say that I liked them if I did not.

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