The second season of WORK IN PROGRESS, a half-hour comedy series helmed by Abby McEnany and Lilly Wachowski, picks back up with the character of Abby in the wake of her breakup (and almost out of almonds). Abby, a 46-year-old self-identified fat, queer dyke, begrudgingly accepts that she’s too busy to kill herself. In fact, she’s just starting to get her head above water...until a global pandemic converges with a family emergency and forces Abby into uncharted territory.

Returning this season are Celeste Pechous as Campbell, Armand Fields as King, Karin Anglin as Alison, Bruce Jarchow as Edward, Theo Germaine as Chris and Julia Sweeney, appearing as herself. WORK IN PROGRESS is executive produced by Abby McEnany and Lilly Wachowski. Lawrence Mattis and Josh Adler of Circle of Confusion also serve as executive producers with Tony Hernandez of JAX Media and Julia Sweeney. The series was created by Abby McEnany & Tim Mason.






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