As the only all-female wrestling organization with a global footprint, WOW – Women Of Wrestling (“WOW”) showcases supreme athleticism, dramatic and inspiring stories, and is centered 24/7 around empowering and uplifting women that are branded the “WOW Superheroes.” The Superheroes are inspiring, fearless, motivated, and yes, some are devious…but in each outcome they leave the audience standing and cheering for their favorite!

Season Two sees The Beast return after a year-long recovery from a leg injury, plus fans are introduced to new Superheroes including punk rocker Rebel Haze, cheerleader Pep Riley, hip-hop dancer Lil J Boogie, East Hampton Dog Show champion Goldie Collins, feline lover Katarina Jinx, and straight from the pages of your favorite heroine comic book, the high-flying Mighty Mights.

Joining The Beast are returning favorites boxer turned wrestler, Kandi Krush, Americana, Guam’s Tiki Chamorro, Mexico’s Tormenta and Australia’s Princess Aussie for a chance to dethrone current world champion Penelope Pink. Tag teams The Tonga Twins, the first Tongans to become world champions in professional wrestling, return to face a bevy of tag teams seeking to dethrone them including Spring Break 24/7 Sandy Shore and Crystal Waters, Team Spirit Ariel Sky and Pep Riley led by Coach Campanelli, Las Bandidas with Peruvian & El Salvadorian Vivian Rivera and Mexico’s Sylvia Sanchez, managed by the world’s greatest attorney, Mexico’s Sophia Lopez. And returning to WOW is America’s sweetheart Santana Garrett.

Second season premieres the weekend of September 16, 2023. Check local listings for airtimes.

ON AIR:                             Syndication

S2 Premiere:                     Weekend of September 16, 2023

ORIGINATION:                  Los Angeles

FORMAT:                           Sports Entertainment (Filmed in HD)

WOW SUPERHEROES:    Adriana Gambino
                                           Amber O’Neal (Returning)
                                           Angelica Dante
                                           The Beast
                                           BK Rhythm
                                           Chantilly Chella
                                           The Classmaster
                                           Coach Campanelli
                                           Crystal Waters
                                           The Disciplinarian
                                           Gigi Gianni
                                           GI Jane
                                           Gloria Glitter
                                           Goldie Collins (New)
                                           Ice Cold
                                          Jennifer Florez
                                          Jessie Jones
                                          Kandi Krush
                                          Katarina Jinx (New)
                                          Keta Rush
                                          Lana Star
                                          Las Bandidas, Vivian Rivera & Sylvia Sanchez
                                          Lil J Boogie (New)
                                          Miami’s Sweet Heat, Laurie and Lindsey Carlson
                                          The Mighty Mights, Sugar and Spice (New)
                                          The Mother Truckers, Holly Swag & Big Rig Betty
                                          Penelope Pink
                                          Princess Aussie
                                          Rebel Haze (New)
                                          Reina del Rey
                                          Sandy Shore
                                          Samantha Smart
                                          Santana Garrett (Returning)
                                          Sasha Sparks (New)
                                          Sophia Lopez
                                          Stephy Slays
                                          Team Spirit, Ariel Sky & Pep Riley
                                          Tiki Chamorro
                                          The Tonga Twins, Kaoz & Kona
                                          Vickie Lynn McCoy

HOSTED BY:                    David McLane

CO-OWNERS,                  Jeanie Buss, David McLane 

PRODUCED BY:               WOW Television Enterprises, LLC

DISTRIBUTED GLOBALLY BY: Paramount Global Content Distribution

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