EVIL: Season 2 Loglines

EPISODE 201: “N Is for Night Terrors” (Available to stream Sunday, June 20th)

The team is given the task of evaluating the likelihood of Leland being possessed, which if decided true, would require them to exorcise him.

Written by: Rockne S. O’ Bannon

Directed by: Nelson McCormick


EPISODE 202: “A Is for Angel” (Available to stream Sunday, June 27th)

The team is charged with investigating a man who claims that he is hearing an angel.

Written by: Davita Scarlett

Directed by: John Dahl


EPISODE 203: “F Is for Fire” (Available to stream Sunday, July 4th)

The team encounters a nine-year-old girl, Mathilda, who is seemingly haunted by a Jinn, a spirit in the Islamic faith.

Written by: Dewayne Darien Jones

Directed by: Fred Toye


EPISODE 204: “E Is for Elevator” (Available to stream Sunday, July 11th)

The team is sent to investigate the disappearance of a teenage boy, Wyatt.

Written by: Robert King & Michelle King

Directed by: Alethea Jones


EPISODE 205: “Z Is for Zombie” (Available to stream Sunday, July 18th)

Father Mulvehill asks the team for a confidential evaluation, as he fears that he might be the victim of diabolical oppression.

Written by: Patricia Ione Lloyd

Directed by: Nelson McCormick


EPISODE 206: “C Is for Cop” (Available to stream Sunday, July 25th)

After the shooting of an unarmed woman, the team is tasked with investigating the police officer who pulled the trigger.

Written by: Aurin Squire

Directed by: Ron Underwood


EPISODE #207: “S Is for Silence” (Available to stream Sunday, August 29th)

The team is dispatched to a monastery to investigate the corpse of Father Thomas, whose body has not decayed in the year following his death.

Written by: Robert King & Michelle King

Directed by: Robert King


EPISODE #208: “B Is for Brain” (Available to stream Sunday, September 5th)

Kristen, David, and Ben are sent to Cornell University, at the request of Bishop Marx, to investigate an electrode-based experiment.

Written by: Louisa Hill

Directed by: James Whitmore Jr.


EPISODE #209: “U Is for U.F.O.” (Available to stream Sunday, September 12th)

Bishop Marx tasks the team to investigate a UFO sighting, spotted by an air force pilot.

Written by: Nialla Lebouef

Directed by: Clark Johnson


EPISODE #210: “O Is for Ovaphobia” (Available to stream Sunday, September 19th)

Ben, David, and Kristen investigate the RSM Fertility clinic - since so many of their past cases have led back to the ominous clinic.

Written by: Aurin Squire

Directed by: Stacey K. Black


EPISODE #211: “I Is for IRS” (Available to stream Sunday, September 26th)

The IRS taps the team to investigate the legitimacy of a new organization seeking religious status for tax exemption.

Written by: Dewayne Darian Jones

Directed by: Nelson McCormick


EPISODE #212: “D Is for Doll” (Available to stream Sunday, October 3rd)

At Dr. Boggs’ request, the team is introduced to a recently widowed Catholic named Nathan, and his teenage son, Elijah.

Written by: Davita Scarlett

Directed by: Kevin Sullivan