"EVIL" Season Three Loglines



EVIL Season 3 Loglines


EPISODE 1: The Demon of Death (Available to stream Sunday, June 12th)


David's relationship with Kristen takes a turn when he gives into his temptation. Meanwhile the team is tasked with exploring a machine to measure the weight of the human soul as it leaves a dying body. 

Written by: Robert King & Michelle King

Directed by: Robert King


EPISODE 2: The Demon of Memes (Available to stream Sunday, June 19th)

David, Kristen and Ben investigate a Slender-Man like internet meme that is quickly spiraling out of control and inciting teenagers to commit blasphemous acts in order to avoid death.

Written By: Davita Scarlett 

Directed By: John Dahl 


EPISODE 3: The Demon of Sex (Available to stream Sunday, June 26th)

Sister Andrea joins the team to fix a demonically possessed marriage. 

Written By: Aurin Squire

Directed By: Nelson McCormick 


EPISODE 4: The Demon Of The Road (Available to stream Sunday, July 3rd)

The team encounters a truck driver whose wife thinks he is possessed and explores the possibility of a demon haunting the highway. 

Written By: Dewayne Darian Jones

Directed By: Peter Sollett


EPISODE 5: The Angel of Warning (Available to stream Sunday, July 10th)

Sister Andrea’s career and sanity are on trial as she battles Leland. Meanwhile the team investigates an alleged angel sighting.

Written By: Rockne S. O'Bannon & Eric Larson 

Directed By: Matthew Kregor 


EPISODE 6: The Demon of Algorithms (Available to stream Sunday, July 17th)

A single mother enlists the team to look into the potentially demonic ways the viral app VidTap is terrorizing her family.

Written By: Patricia Ione Lloyd 

Directed By: Peter Sollet 


EPISODE 7: The Demon of Cults (Available to stream Sunday, July 24th)

The team investigates a young man who is being held against his will to determine if he is possessed or is influenced by a cult.

Written By: Louisa Hill 

Directed By: Fong Yee Yap 


EPISODE 8:  The Demon of Parenthood (Available to stream Sunday, July 31st)

The team responds to reports of possessed toys and electronics originating from a store. David is tasked with retrieving a hidden message that may be the key to saving the prophet Grace Ling.

Written By: Sarah Acosta

Directed By: Aisha Tyler 


EPISODE 9: The Demon of Money (Available to stream Sunday, August 8th)

The team investigates claims that a demon has been stalking people who have invested in a stock tip. The Entity asks for David's help in transitioning Grace Ling back.

Written By: Nialla LeBouef

Directed By: Yap Fong Yee


EPISODE 10: The Demon Of The End (Available to stream Sunday, August 14th)

​​*Season Three Finale*

The team investigates a household terrorized by a demonic infestation and is shocked when they find out the house is next door to Kristen’s. Meanwhile, Kristen is surprised to learn that her frozen egg was never destroyed and purchased anonymously which leads her on a new adventure.

Written By: Rockne S. O'Bannon

Directed By: John Dahl