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IT’S COMPLICATED! – David Pogue explores how the design of products we use daily has complicated our lives.

FRESH CUT – Conor Knighton looks at the art of creating flowers out of paper.

IN CONVERSATION – BILL MAHER – Robert Costa sits down with Bill Maher, host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

YOUNG SHELDON – Luke Burbank goes behind the scenes of CBS hit YOUNG SHELDON, which ends its seven-year run on May 16.

ON BROADWAY – SARAH PAULSON – Tracy Smith catches up with actor Sarah Paulson, who now appears in “Appropriate” on Broadway.

AMY WINEHOUSE – Seth Doane gets a look inside “Back to Black,” a new film about the life of the late singer Amy Winehouse.

JOSH AND HIS MOM – Filmmaker Josh Seftel and his mother Pat discuss Mother’s Day.

AFTER A FASHION – Alina Cho introduces us to designer Stan Herman, known as “The People’s Designer.”

COMMENTARY – Faith Salie has thoughts on the past week’s lavish Met Gala.

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