Jane Pauley Anchors from New York

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LOST AT SEA – David Pogue reports on the submersible that disappeared while on an expedition to the Titanic.

PAUL SIMON – Anthony Mason meets Paul Simon at his home in Texas to discuss his new album and more.

THE ANCHOR – Jane Pauley sits down with friend and journalist Tom Brokaw, who looks back on his childhood in North Dakota and his career as told in a new book.

LEGACYROCK HUDSON – Tracy Smith looks into the life and legacy of Rock Hudson, the subject of a new documentary.  

GIVE A HOOT! – Conor Knighton reports on the wisdom of owls.

TAKE NOTELUCINDA WILLIAMS – Lee Cowan visits with singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams to talk music, her new book and more.

COOL! – Serena Altschul has the latest on ice cubes.

COMMENTARY – Journalist Wesley Lowery discusses the nationwide surge in white supremacist violence.

STEVE HARTMAN – Steve Hartman has the story of a student who took a long walk and ended with a big step up.

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