Saturday, July 30

  • Saturday Sessions: Death Cab for Cutie
  • The Dish: David Nayfeld
  • A visit to the new Jackie Robinson Museum
  • The restoration of Alaska’s wood bison

Monday, August 1

  • Deb Liu, CEO of and author of Take Back Your Power
  • Maya Gabeira, author of Maya and the Beast

Tuesday, August 2

  • Amanda Shires, singer-songwriter
  • Sonia Manzano, actress and author of Coming Up Cuban

Wednesday, August 3

  • Michelle Tea, author of Knocking Myself Up: A Memoir of My (In)Fertility
  • Maggie Hoffman, digital director at Epicurious

Thursday, August 4

  • Calvin Johnson, former NFL wide receiver
  • Andrew Young and Paula Young Shelton, authors of Just Like Jesse Owens
  • LL Cool J, host of Rock the Bells music festival

Friday, August 5

  • John Anderson, singer-songwriter

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