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HARVEST OF WAR Nearly half of Ukrainians say they’re worried about where they’ll find their next meal, according to the United Nations World Food Programme. Since the start of the conflict, the World Food Programme has mobilized food supplies to 2.5 million people, and in the weeks to come they’re poised to provide relief to six million in the country. 60 MINUTES’ Scott Pelley enters Ukraine with David Beasley of the WFP and follows the organization’s efforts to curb the hunger crisis. Pelley reports that it’s not just Ukrainians who are suffering. Ukraine, a major wheat exporter, plays a vital role in feeding the rest of the world, and the war has led to an increase of collateral hunger in other countries. Nicole Young is the producer.

EUROVISION 60 MINUTES correspondent Jon Wertheim meets Iceland’s contenders for Eurovision, the world’s largest musical event and a live TV show that’s a cross between the Olympics and “American Idol.” Watched by more than 180 million Europeans each year, the contest features performers from nearly 40 countries who participate in the music competition. Eurovision has boosted the careers of past contestants ABBA, Celine Dion and Julio Iglesias. Nathalie Sommer is the producer.

BIRDS AREN’T REAL The founder of Birds Aren’t Real, Peter McIndoe, sits down with Sharyn Alfonsi to discuss the movement he launched, which uses satire to mirror some of the absurdity growing in America. More than a million people have become followers of the fictional conspiracy theory that birds aren’t real. McIndoe shares the backstory to launching the movement. Draggan Mihailovich is the producer.

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