“60 Minutes” Is America’s #1 News Broadcast, and Has Been for 49 Years

“CBS News Sunday Morning,” “Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan” and “48 Hours” Finish Top in Their Categories

  • 60 MINUTES remains the #1 news broadcast for the 2022-2023 broadcast year, a title held for 49 consecutive years. 60 MINUTES marks five #1 finishes during the year, was in the top five 23 times. 60 MINUTES delivers 8.89 million viewers, with 1.58 million in adults 25-54.

  • CBS NEWS SUNDAY MORNING remains viewers’ #1 Sunday morning news program for the 23rd consecutive broadcast year (since 1999/2000). CBS NEWS SUNDAY MORNING is garnering 50% of the audience for the third successive year. CBS SUNDAY MORNING is delivering a 46 share in adults 25-54, its best since the 2002/03 broadcast year. CBS SUNDAY MORNING averages 5.209 million viewers, with 794,000 in adults 25-54.

  • FACE THE NATION WITH MARGARET BRENNAN remains the #1 Sunday morning public affairs broadcast in viewers for the third consecutive broadcast year. FACE THE NATION also finished #1 in adults 25-54, beating NBC for the first time in eight years and the first time ahead of ABC since 2019/20, and was #1 in adults 18-49 for the first time. FACE THE NATION is garnering its largest adults 24-54 share in nine years (since 2013/14) and the largest share in women 25-54 in eight years (since the 2014/15 broadcast year). In viewers, FACE THE NATION is delivering a 36 share, tied with last year and its best since 2014/2015. In men 25-54, FACE THE NATION delivers 34 share points, its best dating back to at least 1991. FACE THE NATION averages 2.843 million viewers, with 494,000 in the adults 25-54 demo.

  • 48 HOURS remains the #1 non-sports broadcast on Saturday nights for the 17th consecutive broadcast year. 48 HOURS delivers 3.40 million viewers, with 721,000 in the adults 25-54 demo.

  • CBS MORNINGS is delivering its largest audience share ever for a broadcast year in adults and women. CBS MORNINGS is delivering its tightest gap ever with NBC across all key demos and viewers,and its tightest gap with ABC ever in adults and women. For the year, CBS MORNINGS gained two competitive share points in men 25-54 and one each in adults 25-54 and women 25-54. CBS MORNINGS averaged 2.353 million viewers, with 500,000 in the adults 25-54 demo.

  • CBS EVENING NEWS WITH NORAH ODONNELL is delivering its tightest gap with NBC in adults in 28 years (since 1994/95) and women in 16 years (since 2006/07). The CBS EVENING NEWS is posting the tightest gap with ABC in adults and women in five broadcast years (since 2017/18). CBS EVENING NEWS averaged 4.829 million viewers, with 752,000 in the adults 25-54 demo.

  • CBS SATURDAY MORNING delivers the tightest gaps ever with NBC in viewers, adults 25-54, women 25-54 and men 25-54, and the tightest gaps with ABC in adults 25-54 in 19 broadcast years (since 2003/04). CBS SATURDAY MORNING held a 25 share in adults 25-54 and a 27 share in viewers for the third consecutive year, its best in each demo since 2003/04. CBS SATURDAY MORNING gained one competitive share point in men 25-54 from a year ago. CBS SATURDAY MORNING delivers 1.761 million viewers, with 315,000 in the adults 25-54 demo.

2022-2023 Broadcast Year (9/19/2022-9/24/2023)

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