POCAHONTAS: BEYOND THE MYTH revisits the life of a legendary woman whose story continues to gain new resonance over time, even now on the 400-year anniversary of her death in March 1617.

Pocahontas has been a household name since her death 400 years ago — the most famous Native American woman in history.  Her daring rescue of John Smith is enshrined in the dome of the U.S. Capitol as a symbol of democracy itself. But how much of her story is myth? How much is reality?  And what is it that has made her so enduring? 

Using expert interviews with authors, historians, curators and the current Chief of Pocahontas’ tribe – the Pamunkey – along with archival images and historical recreations, POCAHONTAS: BEYOND THE MYTH traces the true tale of this princess, peacemaker and ambassador. Along the way, it examines how the story of her life has been told through the centuries – who embellished it, how it evolved, and what it means to us today.  Hers is a story we tell ourselves about America — a founding mother who still defines us. 




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